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message 1: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Scar (ljscar) I write contemporary romances in first person about people who seem real, get hurt and get back up again. Sometimes my readers tell me my endings are not what they expected but they still like the read. I don't want my novels to be predictable. I have been published for a year and have learned a tremendous amount, mostly about what not to do.:) Look up LJ Scar on Amazon and if you would like a free copy to read to review, contact me via Goodreads.

message 2: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10035 comments Mod
LJ, welcome to the group. Please note that this is the newbies thread, which is really not the place to pitch us your book but more a place for you to introduce yourself, tell us how you found us, and what you're most looking forward to getting out of joining!

message 3: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Scar (ljscar) Sorry. I found you through other friends. As a reader -I'm looking for book recommendations for myself, contemporary romances with realistic characters NO billionaires, and no supermodels. As an author- I'm looking to get my name and books some exposure.
I think I pretty much introduced myself above.

message 4: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Ley (goodreadscomjackie_ley) | 9 comments Hi, I found the group through an e-book recommendation. I'm British, living in Northern France, and having just moved house, I'm missing the interaction with my old book group buddies. Looking forward to some great book discussion and making some new bookworm friends in the process.

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