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Ismael Honestly, this book is better than I anticipated. I expected it to be boring because it is just recounts of historical events that I already know of, but it has turned out to be an interesting book. Howard Zinn tells of things such as Christopher Columbus and his “discovery” of America but through the perspective of “the people” which in this case would be the Natives. As a result of this point of view, Zinn informs the reader about details that are often times omitted or overlooked as to not show the bad sides of our nation’s history. Zinn is not afraid to expose that side of our history in order to deliver the cold hard truth. Zinn’s perspectives in this book make for an interesting read that intrigued me because I learned lots of new details and different ways of viewing historical events and figures.

Amanda Orleander Many of us first come into contact with E.B. White through his classic children’s books about animals (Stuart Little, anyone?). It’s no surprise then that not only was E.B. White an animal ruver, he was also mad about dogs–his dogs in particular. He often wrote about their misadventures, or commented on current events from their POV in his pieces for the esteemed magazine,The New Yorker. White’s dry, wit and his obvious love for his pooches comes through sharply in this collection of essays edited by none other than his granddaughter, Martha White.


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