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Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) | 795 comments Mod
It's been a year, so I'm updating Danielle's original rules a bit.

The Book of the Month Club (BOTM) selections are based on book suggestions nominated by all of our members. It is a great way to read a new book and have ongoing discussions with other members who are reading the book at the same time. Members are not required to leave a review, but if you wish to leave a review I am sure the authors would appreciate it. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any. Other members or one of us Moderators will be happy to assist you. I hope everyone enjoys the program!

Okay ... the minutea (Zzzzzz....)

1) ALL selections will be chosen using so that the selections are kept fair to everyone.

2) Each community member may cast ONE (1) nomination in EACH of the available nomination categories. For example, Jane Doe can nominate a Reader Pick, an Indie Pick, and if we are voting on a new series that month, a Series Pick as well.

READER PICK: A mass market book which is readily available in both paperback and ebook in most bookstores and libraries in the English-speaking world. The ebook version must be available on at least THREE major distribution platforms (i.e., no 'exclusivity' such as KU as that excludes around 30% of our 5,000+ LoP members from getting the book). These are the blockbusters everybody else is reading.

SERIES PICK: Same rules as the READER PICK, only with the additional rule there must be at least three (3) currently available in the series (not just announced);

INDIE PICK: These are the newer, edgier, cutting edge titles written by independent authors who do not have a major publishing house behind them to write/edit/market their books. You will find here tomorrow's rising stars. Authors may nominate their own books since picks the winner. Books may be eBook only. At this time, we are not enforcing the 'must be published with at least 3 different distribution platforms' rule against indie authors, but if you win and are locked into KDP-Select, we STRONGLY urge you to schedule one of your KDP-Select days and announce your book giveaway in the thread along with an offer to email people a DRM-free .epub as soon as you learn you win. Nothing arouses reader ire like becoming interested in a book, only to get told you won't sell it to them. It is a slap in the face to our global and non-Kindle readers. What if you walked into a store to buy something and were told at the checkout desk that they would only sell it to Mastercard holders because Mastercard is the biggest credit card company, but not to Visa, Discover or cash buyers? Would you shop there again? No. Never. Again. Got it? It's bad business.

Disqualification: when a nomination is disqualified for not meeting our criteria, we will always inform you in the thread (so others don't nominate the same book) and invite you to make another selection. Disqualification is not a judgment on YOU or the book you selected ... it's simply a matter of it didn't fit the spirit of the category. Your Fab-5 MODS can only juggle so many categories. We will never disqualify a title and not tell you as we believe in transparency and full disclosure. Disqualification most often occurs if a Reader/Series pick is not widely available in both print and ebook, an Indie Pick is not really an indie book, the book clearly is not paranormal in any way, or the book won't be released in time for the 1st of the month. Most of this is nit-picky stuff an average reader doesn't know, so don't get mad at us if we tell you, okay?

MOD PICK is a book your Fab-5 MODS pick to balance out whatever you guys nominated each month. We look first to make sure there is an even split between YA and Adult titles, then we look to what sub-genre of paranormal the books are (i.e., vampires, witches, fae, etc). From there, we will pick a book to balance things out which the majority of us (mods) are interested in reading, but our choices are often influenced by books a lot of community members might have nominated but didn't pick.

3) Each unique nomination counts as a single chance in the randomizer, kind of like a raffle ticket. For example, if Jane and Susan both nominate Harry Potter, but Rita nominates Acheron, Harry Potter will have twice as many chances to win as Acheron. However, ultimately picks the winner, so Acheron might win anyways. It's the luck of the draw.

4) Please be sure to list the Author's Name as well as the Book Title. This will avoid any confusion since there are sometimes multiple books with the same title.

5) The book nominated must be available for purchase before the 1st of each month, since we start reading on the 1st of each month. Sometimes we might notice it won't be available in advance. We will always tell WHY we are disqualifying your book choice and invite you to nominate an alternate book. Disqualification is not a judgment call about the reader ... it's simply application of the rules.

6) Please keep the nominations thread free of all posts except for book nominations. Remember ... any community member can open their own discussion thread in another folder such as Members Corner or Off-Topic Chatter. Discussion is good! It just proves irresistable to your ADHD mods! (Oh! Look! Squirrel...)

7) Authors CAN suggest their own book since this will be a random pick by Authors: please don't be a weenie ... if you only drop in on the last day of every month to link-drop and never come here otherwise, nobody will read your book even if you win.

8) Please specify if the book suggested includes adult content so that (i.e., YA or Adult 18+), if it is selected, we can put that information for readers that may not want to read adult content books. Again, we do have many members under 18 in our group and want to be respectful of them as well.

9) Please be sure to keep all comments respectful. No foul language, etc. We have many members who are under age, not just adults. If you wouldn't want to read what is in your post - or want your child to read it - please consider others when posting.

The Suggestion link for the following month's BOTM will be put up around the 20th of every month & I will also send out an email to everyone letting them know when it is up and where to access it. I will then send out a reminder notice around the 29th or 30th of the month. Just leave the title and author of the book you are suggesting for the next month's BOTM drawing.

Once the books are chosen, the links will be created under the "Books and Author of the Month" folder - there will be one link for each book. Please feel free to contribute to the discussion under these links as you are reading! :) An email will also be sent out to all members advising of what books are chosen and also to the member who is chosen as our Member's Choice for the month.

We will also attempt to contact the authors of the books we are reading and invite them to answer our Author of the Month (AOTM) Author Interview questions about whatever books we are reading. Most authors never bother writing back, but if they do, we will post the Author Interview in the BOTM thread and then send out an email informing you the interview is there if you care to read it. Author interviews often enhance the reading pleasure and enjoyment of a book.

Thank you everyone!!! Enjoy!!! :)

message 2: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Suderman | 60 comments Hey, I just noticed we don't have threads this month for the current BOTM

message 3: by Anna, LoP BOTM & R2R mod (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) | 795 comments Mod
Nobody ever comments in them. They tend to comment in-review with the reviews each other leaves. It's a lot of work to set them up and maintain them.

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate Bigel (goodreadscomkate_bigel) | 23 comments first - so we have no group thread on Alex Finch? Just the review feed? And what the heck with the harsh reviews on that feed...first I think it was an awesome YA paranormal novel...what up people? They get a free book and spend time writing a 1 star review? If it isn't 3 stars - i don't write a review.

message 5: by Anna, LoP BOTM & R2R mod (last edited Mar 25, 2016 08:25PM) (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) | 795 comments Mod
Kate wrote: "first - so we have no group thread on Alex Finch? Just the review feed? And what the heck with the harsh reviews on that feed...first I think it was an awesome YA paranormal novel...what up people?..."

Kate ... the book of the month thread is what people make of it. Some people like to discuss books, others just read them and post their reviews. The discussion thread is


My preference would be that people have a robust discussion thread going, but I can't force people to participate. All I can do is provide a place for people to discuss things if they wish. I just shifted our BOTM program to a single perma-free to try to get people to engage because I want them to talk about the book and get to know one another.

As for one-stars, you are singing to the choir. I tend not to leave a review unless I can leave a 4- or 5-star unless there was something about the book I really want to point out, either that it was offensive (i.e., the 723 rapes in Outlander) or that I think the story could have been so much better if the author had done this one thing, and I wish to communicate that so they can make their next book better. However, that is just my preference. If people didn't like a book, they are entitled to say so.

I, personally loved the Alex Finch book. But I have no power to say what other people are supposed to like or not like.

ETA 3/25 - since I take troll-swarms very seriously, I clicked into everybody who said they grabbed the BOTM group read and only one person from HERE gave it a low rating (2-star), zero bad full-written reviews I can find. So if it got swarmed, it wasn't from THIS community. People are entitled not to like a book, even a free book, and leave a negative review. They're not entitled to prey upon the authors who make their books available here and decimate their careers for their own sadistic pleasure and amusement (ban). Luckily, we tend to attract nice people here.

message 6: by Gabby (last edited Mar 04, 2017 12:44AM) (new)

Gabby | 906 comments I think BOTM needs a bit of changing up. I always want to participate but always find that I have other things to read / or not really interested in the book for the month. I think the PERMAFREE book was an excellent idea and almost bought it to read the other day except it was the BOTM for Nov.

How about we start BOTM fresh and set up a survey for the members, seeing as it looks people actually want to participate still! I have one below as an idea :)

BOTM - What do you want?
A) Old popular books that everyone has read
B) New releases in this genre
D) Mods Pick
E) Just a theme for the month (I.e. Feb- ROMANCE Paranormals)
F) We pick the book for the month!
G) Maybe read a book for 2 months rather than just 1 (so everyone can find some time to read it!)
I) Keep doing what your doing!

For something like E we could just have a group discussion labeled "Feb- Romance Paranormals" Where we can pick any paranormal romance and discuss it in the comments with others. Maybe that way we will have more than one person reading the same book and we can discuss all our books together :)
Other suggestions (Thriller Paranormals, Shape-shifters, Red Covers, Author starting with B, etc.)

Just a suggestion sweetie :) You're doing an excellent job anyway!

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