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adjust as necessary

━━(i.) Identity
⇁ name:
⇁ identity chip #: (4 digits)
⇁ sexuality:
⇁ gender:

━━(ii.) Birth
⇁ birthdate:
⇁ tier:
⇁ birthplace:
⇁ power level: (request 7 and up)

━━(iii.) Class
⇁ specialty: (hacking, fitness, mathematics, etc)
⇁ type: (euclid, keter, etc)
⇁ weapon: (gun, blade, etc)

━━(iv.) Appearance
⇁ eyes:
⇁ hair:
⇁ build:
⇁ voice:
⇁ notable traits:

━━(iv.) Disposition
⇁ personality:
⇁ history:
⇁ mannerisms:
⇁ misc:

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Atticus is clever. Some would
say, too clever. While he may
come across as nice — even gentle, caring — he isn't the sort of person to sacrifice himself for others. He doesn't believe in the cause he's forced to fight for. But he routinely allows targets to 'accidentally' escape under his nose, taking the often painful fall for them. Because while he may be somewhat self-serving, Atticus will do anything within his power to give the rebels a chance to slip through the government's fingers. He isn't in a position that allows much rebellion, but he does what he can without putting himself in danger.

(view spoiler)

The Kang family had three children: Atticus, and his two younger brothers. They lived in the second tier, happy and content — until Atticus gained attention from the government with his aptitude for coding and fighting, being arrested several times for various misdemeanours. Eventually, they decided to use him to their advantage, taking him from his family and training him as a foreman.

Atticus doesn't know what happened to his family after that. And he knows that he can't find out, because then they'd realise that he's not as obedient as he seems, and he'd no longer be safe — and who knows what they might do to his family, if they're still alive. Training to become a foreman, particularly a Thaumiel one, taught him that it's safer and more advantageous to pretend to be obedient. Increase the government's trust in you, get access to information you wouldn't otherwise have, decrease the amount of surveillance on you — then break that trust and help the rebellion.

Or, in Atticus' case, keep hiding your dislike for the system. He does what he can to help the upper-class who want to avoid the attention of the government, turning a blind eye and allowing them to slip through his fingers, giving them someone to rely on. Because if he wasn't there, if he went out in a fiery blaze of glory, then they wouldn't necessarily have anyone to rely on. Someone has to be the background character who never gets their moment to shine — and if it's him, well... he doesn't really mind. It could be worse.

mannerisms & misc. ─
> always looks open, but is usually hiding something
⋄ while he seems to not have any scars, his torso and back
are covered in scars from fights and from punishment when
targets escape
⋄ always wears long sleeves to cover his birthmark (it's
large, very large — it stretches across most of his right arm)

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===========F E A T U R I N G : C H A D W I C K B O E S M A N===========

===I : I D E N T I T Y===
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===II. B I R T H==
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===III. C L A S S===
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===IV. A P P E A R A N C E===
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===V. D I S P O S I T I O N===
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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 229 comments Mod

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