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adjust as necessary

━━(i.) Identity
⇁ name:
⇁ username:
⇁ faction:
⇁ identity chip #: (4 digits)
⇁ sexuality:

━━(ii.) Birth
⇁ birthdate:
⇁ birthplace:
⇁ power level: (request 7 and up)

━━(iii.) Class
⇁ occupation: (or study based on age)
⇁ specialty: (hacking, fitness, mathematics, etc)
⇁ type: (security, programmer, etc.)

━━(iv.) Appearance
⇁ eyes:
⇁ hair:
⇁ build:
⇁ voice:
⇁ notable traits:

━━(iv.) Disposition
⇁ personality:
⇁ history:
⇁ mannerisms:
⇁ misc:

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❝ F E A T U R I N G ▾ dylan o brien

descriptiondescription  description  description
description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [olivarius leventis​​]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
descriptiondescription gray hat ​= leader + tier one
descriptiondescription male = pansexual + mono.
descriptiondescription entp = lawful neutral + cap


descriptionenigmatic(view spoiler)
descriptionreclusive: (view spoiler)
descriptionwistful: (view spoiler)
descriptioninsatiable: (view spoiler)
descriptionsocially inept: (view spoiler)
descriptiondisconnected: (view spoiler)
descriptionnot completely human: (view spoiler)
    ──────────────────── ♛ ────────────────────

descriptionᴘ ʟ ᴀ ʏ ʟ ɪ s ᴛ ; ;
description🇸​🇺​🇫​🇯​🇦​🇳​ 🇸​🇹​🇪​🇻​🇪​🇳​🇸​ - 🇻​🇮​🇸​🇮​🇴​🇳​🇸​ 🇴​🇫​ 🇬​🇮​🇩​🇪​🇴​🇳​
description🇸​🇺​🇫​🇯​🇦​🇳​ 🇸​🇹​🇪​🇻​🇪​🇳​🇸​ - 🇫​🇺​🇹​🇮​🇱​🇪​ 🇩​🇪​🇻​🇮​🇨​🇪​🇸​
description🇸​🇹​🇦​🇹​🇪​🇱​🇪​🇸​🇸​ - 🇮​🇲​ 🇴​🇳​ 🇫​🇮​🇷​🇪​​
description🇸​🇹​🇦​🇹​🇪​🇱​🇪​🇸​🇸​ - 🇸​🇴​🇳​🇬​ 🇫​🇴​🇷​ 🇹​🇭​🇪​ 🇴​🇺​🇹​🇸​🇮​🇩​🇪​🇷​​

descriptiondescription  description

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template by fiend.



ELISE YANG / 4972 ∙ fem ∙ 18 ∙ bi ∙ tier 3

"But, El -" This is how a lot of conversations tend to go. Not because Elise Yang needs things explained to her - who explains to a Yang, the apex explainers and debaters? - but for justification. For righting their actions in the teenage tech queen's eyes. Perhaps it's because she's so bent on being that twenty-first century emo scene queen, the one all doom and gloom and "i hate my parents" comments on dinosaur era servers - no, she's better than that. It's because, well, you have to justify yourself to a Yang. A legacy she can't escape - it's genetic, really. The look on her face immediately sends those around her into a panic, as though she had set her features to be permanently displeased with her environment. And while, yes, she is content to find herself categorized as the more..."punk goth" part of cyberspace, she's not so different from your angsty teenager.

Except she's a Yang; keep that in mind.

And that she cannot be trusted at all times. Sure, she seems like she dabbles and mulls around in various aspects of the digital world, but she never comes off as being truly interested. You'd never what she has on you until it's too late and then you've regretted ever letting her close. Everyone does, at one point or another.

chong tingyuan > five foot six > one nineteen lbs > blonde > brown eyes
clicks tongue < resting bitch face < "okay and?" < requires explanations

(view spoiler)

The Yangs are...esteemed, one would say. They've got a fair bit attached to their name and maybe that's why it's so easy to see them as politicians. Or maybe that was before they actually became just that. Before Elise's mother decided that being the chairwoman of a big corporation wasn't enough, they had their hand in politics. Elise's father had been in several political campaigns as a director and almost a running mate; they thought they had this politics thing down enough. And, they proved that they did.

Now Elise knows no other life than being top tier. She knows nothing else aside from being among the elites, and as someone stuck in this brooding cycle of greater and better persons, she was expected to be the same. Her interest in the digital space could be used - was used - by the parents who invested in her growth and soon enough they had to think that they had made a better version of themselves to pass on to the next generation. But she was a Yang and what better does a Yang do than argue and debate, delay and then renegotiate? Which was how she got to where she is now, hiding in plain sight to take down the forces that be - her parents included.

How's that for a Yang legacy?


The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 229 comments Mod

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 229 comments Mod

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 229 comments Mod

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insomnus lin jiang grey hat security, #1976, twenty-five, level 4.5, tier 1, specialty: coding

Jiang is a perfectionist. He spends hours checking his code, looking back over everything constantly and making sure that there's nothing that needs to be fixed, no security that needs to be increased, no breaches to take care of. It's entirely possible — in fact, it's highly likely — that he should stop obsessing over his work so much, but Jiang has reasons behind his apparent madness.

Ever since he was a child, Jiang has had insomnia. It's not easy to sleep in uncomfortable places, in places where you might be killed or worse. And after his childhood, it was also hard to sleep because of the nightmares. The memories that twisted into deadly fictions — all some variation of dead, dying, dead. He learned not to rely on sleep for rest. He learned to throw himself into his work, to work until he was too tired to sleep, too tired to dream. He learned how to hurt those who had hurt him, but untraceably — by stealing credits and changing identities, by adding criminal records where there were none. Lying is easy when you don't think about the effects of it.

His parents died when he was young — how young, Jiang doesn't remember. He lived alone for so long, without any need for memory, that he doesn't recall particularly much from that time, and what he does remember is blurred together. He survived by theft and by strategy, he taught himself to hack things by watching others. Then he was approached by the Grey Hats, and all of a sudden his life had purpose. Which made only a small difference, in the grand scheme of things, but that small difference was what saved his life. Otherwise he might have ended up as just another faded poor child in the slums.

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LEE SEOJUN | #6825• white hat sec & tier two
• synth + 21 + dec. 12
Seojun has always been• homme + gray asexual
afraid. Well, not always.• red hair + brown eyes + Before, he used to be5'10 + 140 lbs.
numb, unfeeling. A machine.• flat, matter-of-fact voice

Funny how that all seems to be a lifetime ago. He lives with his fear now, a cold and slimy thing that remains nestled close to his heart. Not because he chooses to keep it there, but because he doesn't know who he'd be without it. From the moment he realized he was aware, it became a part of him ─ a force that seemingly dictates life. He hides it, of course, under a neutral expression and in a flurry of zero's and one's. But it's still there and the reckoning it promises him does little to soothe his fraying nerves.

Really though, if Seojun would've realized how much different life is outside of protection, he doesn't know what kind of choice he would've made. And that's another reason for his fear. Would he have been someone who idly stood by while brave people and synths ─ while women like Nathalie ─ poured their blood, sweat, and tears into liberation? He wants to think that he wouldn't but really, how can he know for sure?

If Seojun wasn't constantly stress and anxiety ridden, maybe he would realize that his actions have already proven him a stalwart rebel. He did, after all, betray his owner in order to achieve his freedom (with the help of a very skilled hacker). And from then on, he's been working steadfastly to ensure that even more of his kind can be offered it. Besides, most loyalists don't exactly dream about watching the government burn at night.

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⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ellie torres [0917] / ins1ght
19 / october 20 / pansexual / female ⸻⸻⸻⸻
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ gray hat programmer / tier 1

↠ don't mistake ellie for being a sweetheart little girl; it's all a cover. her short height and small frame is easily made up by her large personality. ellie can't seem to ever keep her mouth shut which usually gets her into a little bit of trouble. sure, she's good at keeping secrets when she needs to, but the moment someone crosses her or questions her, she's off with the mouth of a sailor. she doesn't give the tiniest shit what other people think of her or what they have to say and if they dare to get on her bad side, they'll surely regret it. ellie is fairly intelligent and very logical, which she uses for hacking and being a programmer. she's very interested in the secrets that the government is hiding and she's not afraid to dig in deep to discover it all. ellie is incredibly loyal once she trusts someone completely, to the point where she'd die for that person.
(view spoiler)

↠ ellie was born on the streets of tier 1. her mom got pregnant with ellie at a young age and was quickly abandoned by the father. ellie's mom struggled to raise her before completely disappearing when ellie turned 12. since then, she learned to raise and take care of herself. she turned to thievery and soon became a sex worker at a very young age. once she became a part of the gray hats, she abandoned her job as a sex worker and tries her hardest to stay in hiding and out of trouble (which is definitely a struggle).

(view spoiler)
ellie really isn't that big. she stands at only 5'2" and has a small, childlike frame. her hair is curly, dark brown, and wild. she usually keeps it in a side braid so it stays out of the way. her eyes are big and brown and outlined with naturally dark, long lashes. she prefers to cover most of herself up by wearing dark jeans, dark t-shirts, and her signature black leather jacket. her hands are covered in scars and her lips always have little cuts on them from her picking at them and chewing them whenever she's nervous or bored.

(view spoiler)

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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 229 comments Mod

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alec lister / paiderx [0112] / tier 2
(view spoiler)


tier two, march 31st: alec lister is born - or removed, rather. his mother is a runaway prostitute that somehow managed to find her way into the mid tier thanks to the father of her baby. little did she know that the moment that baby was born, she would be tossed back into the lowest tier without a second thought, left to bleed out and die after a c-section. alec is then raised by a cruel father in a hustling world that never stops to breathe. with nothing else to do, alec learns to program and hack right under the government's which leads him to see things a child never should hear about, let alone see with their own eyes. at the ripe age of 18, he quickly moves out into a tiny apartment right near the border of tier one and tier two. he finds himself placed with the white hats as an initiate, determined to save whatever there is left of the world to save whatever kid that might have to see the sights he did as a child.

quiet, reserved, ambitious: alec is good at staying under the radar and out of trouble. he keeps his cool in nearly all situations and remains patient even when it feels like he just might explode. he perhaps knows too much for his own good, but he keeps it to himself and uses it for his benefit and the benefit of others when he needs to. he's loyal and kind unless you betray his trust or hurt someone he loves. when you do get him angry, you'll never see him coming; he's a silent storm. he's built a thick layer over the years, but underneath it all, he's a teddy bear looking for a life-long companion whether it's romantic or platonic.

soft brown eyes and wild brown hair: alec doesn't try hard to look fancy. half of the time he's wearing worn jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie. he never styles his hair which seems to have given him a permanent bed-head look. his eyes are pools of chocolate but turn dark and almost black when he's upset. he's slightly above average in height at 6'4" and strong though he still looks a bit scrawny.

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Part 1

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jason Carver ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FC: Jon Kortajarena

↳White Hat --- Jack --- Tier 1 --- U-Name: T!ger
↳Male --- Bi --- Relationship with Iris --- 28
↳Power Lvl: 6

━━(iv.) Appearance
(view spoiler)

━━(iv.) Disposition

I. Discreet (view spoiler)
II. Cautious (view spoiler)
III. Dedicated (view spoiler)
IV. Protective (view spoiler)
V. Easy-going (view spoiler)
VI. Skeptical (view spoiler)
VII. Daring (view spoiler)
VIII. Secretive (view spoiler)
IX. Cooperative (view spoiler)
X. Benevolent (view spoiler)
XI. Stubborn (view spoiler)
XII. Mysterious (view spoiler)

Continue Bellow

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Part 2

⇁ history: (view spoiler)

⇁ Playlist
Alec Benjamin - Boy in the bubble
Get Scared - Don't You Dare Forget The Sun
Owl City - Bird With A Broken Wing
Our Last Night - Sunrise

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⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ iris somers | [2001] | ph30n1x
25 | december 21st | hetero | female ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯
⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ white hat programmer | tier one


tier 1, december 21st: iris was raised with a somewhat normal life - for tier 1 anyway. she was hidden away from a young age in the apartment her parents their own. she was never allowed to leave the apartment because of the dangers outside its. all she knew were her parents and the walls that confined her. one day when iris was 17 years old, home alone, her parents never returned home. she originally thought that they had gotten captured by the government her parents always warned her about. this got her into hacking to find out all she could. when she turned 20 years old she joined the white hats as a programmer. when she was 21 she discovered that her parents were actually shot and killed in a robbery.

too bright and happy for her own good: iris uses bright colors and optimism to disguise her true hatred for life, and the world she lives in. she has a talent and passion for painting but she refuses to use any dark colors. not only does she use bright colors to her advantage, but also humor. she refuses to acknowledge any truly serious situation without putting in some form of a joke, otherwise, she feels uncomfortable. most of the time she's sneaking sarcastic remarks into conversations. peeling back her layers shows a darker side to her that she desperately tries to hide. because of all she's seen, she's desperate to make the world better and take down the government while she's at it.

(view spoiler)

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(view spoiler)

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Yavana was born in a public restroom and left there by her mother, only to be picked up by a lovely couple who always wanted kids but were having trouble conceiving. Yavana loved them dearly, and when she was seven years old, her adoptive parents got their wish and Yavana received a younger brother named Carver. Yavana's family barely made enough to get by, her dad made a living salvaging and stealing tech and selling it to fences. Yavana had a real knack for working with tech so she would often help him out and that's when she began to build her first computer. Turns out Yavana also had a knack for coding, and later, hacking. By the time Yavana was 14 she was making a name for herself as a hacker under the screen name "brigand".

Of course, for Yavana to be where she is now, the happy story would have to end. One day Yavana's parents stole from the wrong people. One day those people hired mercenaries to get their tech back. One day Yavana's dad sold his stolen tech early because of how valuable it was and when the mercenaries came that same day and couldn't find it, they killed Yavana's dad and mom while she and Carver hid in the crawl space under the floorboards. Yavana will never forget the death grip she had over Carver's mouth to keep him from making a sound or the feeling of her parent's blood dripping through the floorboards onto their skin.

After that it was Yavana's duty to raise Carver. She was only 14, but she was smart and resourceful. She took a break from online hacking to raise Carver, and it was hard, to raise a 7 year old boy when you're only a kid yourself, but she did it. How? First she started by stealing the tech that got her parents killed from the fence they sold it to. It had to be way more valuable than what they got for it if people were willing to kill for it. Next, Yavana began working in a life of crime, using her hacking skills to bypass security systems and get in and out unseen by cameras. Most of the money she made went to buying off the few law enforcement that suspected something and the rest went to raising Carver. He was going to get an education and leave the lower tier if it killed Yavana.

Once Carver got into a good school in the second tier, Yavana had a lot of free time. She was 22 now and she finally decided to get back into online hacking, which was a bit of a challenge after what she had been doing for so long, but she managed a few medium sized jobs and left her mark. Word quickly spread that the hacker brigand had returned and that is when Yavana received an anonymous message. From the grey hat faction.

Yavana was an initiate.

Yavana is, as with most things, extremely skeptical. It comes from years of people in her life proving that they can't be trusted. She cares more about her brother than anything else on the planet, including herself. Yavana tends to be extremely blunt, comes with the territory of being a tech protege that never talked to anyone except her brother. As such, she tends to push the few people that do talk to her away with her prickly and sarcastic exterior.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sol Mae~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FC: Kim Min Ji (Kimi, BULLDOK)

↳Grey Hat --- Security --- Tier 1 --- U-Name: Glitch
↳Genderfluid (female, goes by both genders, doesn't care what people call or refer to her as) --- Lesbian --- Relationship with Yavana --- 23
↳Power Lvl: 6

━━(iv.) Appearance
(view spoiler)

━━(iv.) Disposition

I. Stubborn (view spoiler)
II. Cheerful (view spoiler)
III. Goofy (view spoiler)
IV. Efficient (view spoiler)
V. Compassionate (view spoiler)
VI. Unfathomable (view spoiler)
VII. Neutral (view spoiler)
VIII. Deceptive (view spoiler)
IX. Energetic (view spoiler)
X. Absentminded (view spoiler)

⇁ history: Sol was born January 9th to her mother, Alice, in a dark apartment room. Sol never knew her father, all she knew was he was Korean, like herself and her older brother, and her mother was American. From the stories she heard, her father worked for the government while Alice was part of a dangerous organization. Though, Sol never found out what organization before she died, and her brother, Hyeon, didn't seem to know either. Or, if he did, he never told her.

Sol's mother died when she was 8 and her brother was 15, due to drug overdose. And, their father had never returned from work one day when she was 5, so it was just Sol and Hyeon almost all of her life. They were always on the run, though Sol never really understood why. Thus, they usually kept their stuff in one apartment, and slept in other ones. Or, on occasions, would sleep in alleyways. Whatever Hyeon thought best, Sol went along with it. She trusted and loved her brother. Little did she know, he was a hacker. He hated the government. Despised it, even, so he wanted to ensure he helped those wanting to take it down. However, he never told Sol. Though now, she knows that was probably due to wanting to keep Sol safe.

Hyeon had left her too. It had become a normal occurrence. Those around Sol constantly dying or leaving her for death. Hyeon had left Sol when she was 10 years old, claiming he had to meet someone in the middle tier. Although it wasn't known for being the most strict, Sol still begged him to stay and go another day, but he had refused, claiming he couldn't wait another day, or what he wanted would be gone. She wasn't sure what that meant, but she knew there was no use trying to convince him. Besides, he promised he'd be back the next day. Hyeon always kept his promises. So, she bid him farewell, and watched him disappear into the darkness.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. And eventually, it had been a year since she last saw or heard from her brother. She wasn't sure what happened to him, and no one else seemed to know either. So, she lived alone in that apartment room. She felt so alone. All the things that happened to her, she never had to deal with alone. And now, she was forced to deal with the weight of the world on her own. She waited one more month in that dark apartment. The apartment that was risking a power outage, and that stunk of sweaty feet and dust. She knew she couldn't bare it anymore. A year she had been stuck in there, feeling bad for herself. She knew, if she didn't try to find a job, she'd surely starve. But first, she had to go back to their main apartment and collect all the stuff she thought she needed.

Upon going there, she nearly cleared out the entire apartment before she went into her brother's old room, to see if she needed anything from in there. That's when she stopped when she spotted the 3 monitors. She hesitated, before approaching. She was intelligent when it came to technology, so it didn't take her long to read and understand all the files he had on it. He had files on the government, mainly. In one of his newest entries, that was dated back before he went missing, he had said he was on to something, and found a group that might be able to exploit the government. She assumed he got himself into some deep shit, and that it resulted in his death. She was correct.

She stayed in that apartment, using his monitors. She didn't hate the government for what they did to her brother. Nor was she for it. It was her brother's fault for getting himself into that mess. But, she believed the government could of handled it better than they did. Sol worked hard on improving her hacking skills. She was alone, for the most part, but not for long. When she turned 17, she had gotten a message from the Grey Hat's, announcing that she was one of them. She started as an initiate, but upon discovering how well she was at patching up servers, and building defense to their servers, they made her a Security unit.

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