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Should i bother reading Where she went?
Faye Faye Aug 01, 2014 05:25AM
i just finished if i stay. i gave it 3 stars as it wasn't an amazing book. is it worth reading the sequel?

Interesting question. When I first read If I Stay, I gave it about 3.5 stars. It was good, but didn't light my world on fire. A year later, when Where She Went came out, I put off reading it. When I finally did read the sequel, I was stunned. The sequel actually made the first book better. Since, in a way, part of the sequel is the same story from a different point of view, it flushed out the original story while then going on to still be it's own story. I think of the set of 2 books more as one 4 or 4.5 story now, just told over 2 books.

Shanna I wasn't very fond of the book either but the sequel made all the difference in the world.I'm not sure why the author is so lacking with the first boo ...more
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I reckon Where She Went is so much better. You'll be surprised. Where she went was more engrossing and darker than i ever thought it would be.

They compliment each other in such a way that can only be understood by reading both. It is written in the same style, seamlessly jumping from the past to present, and therefore you're able to even better understand If I Stay. The sequel answers any questions that you may have had about the first, and more. It is also so good read the rest of the story in Adam's POV, because he is so easy to relate to and kind and interesting and intelligent and you're able to fall in love with him all over again, but this time in a much more personal way.

I would definitely recommend reading the second. It compliments the first book also pretty well. One of those very very rare occasions where the sequel is better than the first book.

I think you should if you would like to see Adam's and Mia's story continue. Its also nice to read from Adam's Pov.

I liked the story better because I read both. Reading the sequel (which is a true follow-up/sequel/different perspective)will put everything into place.

I've loved If i stay so I will read Where she went soon!

nahh i didnt bother

Definitely, I would recommend it without a second thought. Where She Went most certainly exceeded my expectations; it is hard for an author to write a sequel as brilliant as its predecessor, but Forman has excelled herself with Where She Went. A must read.

Hmm, I didn't find 'If I Stay' as good as I'd hoped and wasn't planning on reading the sequel, but everyone says it is better...

I enjoyed If I Stay but with that being said...the sequel was much better. Very well written. It's a beautiful, emotional story.

i didn't like where she went, but i liked more the end of where she went just because i like happy endings

I thought the second book was better than the first one.
And I just loved how it tied everything together.

Yes, I recommend reading it. I enjoyed If I Stay, but loved Where She Went.
:-) Elaine

yes! I loved it!

Oh the tears in Where She Went. Its one of the few stories ive read where the second book is better than the first. You should read it!

Definitely read it! I loved it even more than If I stay. It answered so many questions, and Adam...oh Adam!

I think it's worth reading Where She Went, because If I Stay left us with doubts and I watched as the film trilogy "Before" by Richard Linklater, who is to be seen, or in this case, to read, to know and answer questions.

I recommended the sequel because you getting Adam's view of what happened to them after the accident. I thought both books were really good.

I really think that Where She Went made If I stay better, and more sad. You really should read it. But overall, both books were amazing.

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You should definitely read the book.
I absolutely agree with Virginia, Reading WSW just makes the 2 novels as a package a standout.

One aspect which really struck out for me, was the realisation of how much Adam really loved Mia, in IIS, I liked him, but I just thought of him as The Boyfriend. There will be more
But then, after reading WSW, it enhanced every emotion, and tweaked my reactions to everything he does in the 1st book even. Not to forget, without the sequel, IIS was a good YA sci fi/contemporary novel, But WSW portrays how all of IIS was n't just a outdrawn cinematic drama that can just be rode over, but the also the consequences to a accumulating loss that changes every person in the vicinity,
The process of how they heal is showcased so beautifully. It does n't happen in a wink. And time does n't heal. It only slaps on the band aids. Smothers the wound. Numbs you to the experience, to the memory, to the person.
But a wound will still fester.
Where she went, only amplifies the whole experience.
PS: It has some wicked music.

I won't be reading it, or seeing the movie. I didn't care much for the 1st book.

Lenda Thompson A LOT of people like the second so much better.
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I personally think that Where She Went is a much better book than If I Stay, so I would certainly recommend reading it.

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