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Here ya go! Have a good time and ask any questions when ya need to!

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Bethany | 25 comments Thank you!

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Bethany | 25 comments Full Name: Davan Artair
Appearance: Thick silver hair (Long on top and short on the sides), icey blue eyes, an olive complexion, strong square jaw, his nose is slightly turned up, he has a mischievous and flirtatious smile, about 6'2", strong but not ripped. He's an elf so of course his ears are a bit pointed.
Personality: He's a bit impish, very mischiveious and flirtatious, very cunning, but also very loving. He gives his all to people and expects the same. He's quick to cut people off if they do him wrong. He's very guarded.
Gender: Male
Age: 19
History: Davan's been through a lot, experienced a lot of hurt and heartache. There's been a lot of people who's been taken out of his life through war and other crazy situations.
Sexuality: Straight (but he likes to flirt with anyone)
Relationship Status: Single
Quirks: He likes to read people's lips.
Likes: When people call him out on his mischief, when people flirt back with him, taking care of people
Dislikes: When people try to get to know him too quickly, when people ask specific questions about his past
Strong Point: Making pandemonium
Weak Point: Women
Powers/Abilities: Can occasionally hypnotize people.

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Bethany | 25 comments Full Name: Arlynn Rhegan
Appearance: Long, straight, bright orange hair that falls to the small of her back. She has a round face with a big smile. A bit of a small nose. Green eyes that sparkle when she smiles. Thick lashes. High cheekbones. Freckles. Fair skin. She is around 5'3" and pretty thicc in all the right places.
Personality: Sweet, but also very sarcastic. She's pretty smart when it comes to people, and she can usually catch on pretty well to what people are like. She can be wild when with the right people are in charge of what they're doing, but usually she's pretty laid back.
Gender: Female
Age: 17
History: She's had a history of getting in trouble for doing things that people manipulate her into. It's not even that she doesn't realize what's going, she just wants to love on people so much, and she hopes get love in return.
Sexuality: "Straight" 😉 (Easily persuaded otherwise)
Relationship Status: Single (More of a benefit liking person)
Quirks: Has really sensitive hearing
Likes: People, getting to know someone better than other people, people who are a bit handsy and confident in themselves enough to be.
Dislikes: People who think they're superior, not being allowed to hug people, people judging her for liking what she does.
Strong Point: Her ability to understand and connect with people
Weak Point: Sometimes people manipulate her as she wants to please people.
Species: Human

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