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ESL Writer (originally from Russia) Needs an Editor

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Anya Turner | 1 comments Dear Editors,

I am originally from Russia, Soviet Union, and now working on a creative memoir, describing life in Russia in the 1970s, when it was a closed society. This book is mainly a call for peace, between two great nations, Russia and America.
My native language is Russian. After 25 years of living in the United States, I write as an advanced ESL student.
Currently, I am in search of a reasonable editor for my manuscript and would love to hear from likeminded individuals, for whom the humanitarian theme of war and peace is not indifferent.
I write with basic English grammar mistakes (such as, missing definite/indefinite articles, "a"s and "the"s since we don't have them in Russia, and other similar mistakes), and need help making at least my first 50 pages presentable to the publishers. The first 50 pages are around 15,000 words.
The entire manuscript, from what I understand is rather lengthy, around 365 pages (roughly 185,000 words, with illustrations, but I am working on shrinking it).

Would someone be interested helping me out with this enormous project in a second language?
Would love to hear from you and get idea of your rates.
Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon.


message 2: by P.N. (last edited Jun 16, 2018 12:58PM) (new)

P.N. Elrod (pnelrod) | 88 comments Hello,

I'm qualified to do this kind of editing. I have worked on books by native French, Portuguese, and Spanish speakers in fiction and nonfiction. I keep the voice of the writer intact, but correct exactly the issues you have cited. I can also point out places you might be able to tweak to help shrink the word count.

I use "Track Changes" so the decisions to keep or accept changes are always up to the writer.

I have been a professional writer and editor since 1990 and have worked with and for the "Big Five" publishers and a number of smaller ones. My clients include New York Times bestselling writers, their work appearing in collections I've edited.

Most of that work is fiction, but I prefer working on nonfiction and history is an interest of mine. Your book sounds interesting, and I can certainly do a fast turnaround on the first 50 pages.

Better, I can help with feedback so you can put in a final polish before sending it out to publishers.

Here is the link to my editing website page along with my rates. I am working to get a separate website up just for editing, so don't let the amount of fiction put you off. "Elrod Editing" is on the way!



P.N. Elrod

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