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Patricia Dsouza (patriciadsouza) | 1 comments Hello everyone

Kindly request a review for my book When Roses are Crushed.

Author Name(s): Patricia Dsouza

Author Email:


Subtitle: A True Story and a Survivor’s Guide to Recovering from Child Abuse

Pages: 86

10 Digit ISBN/ASIN: B078G5JY6S

Amazon Author page:

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Genre Category: Non-Fiction - Self Help

With thoughtfulness and simplicity, Patricia Dsouza shares insights from years of extensive training and experience in working with abuse survivors. "When Roses are Crushed” is an inspiring, Survivor's Guide that offers possibilities, hopefulness, and design of the healing journey for every person who was abused as a child, also for those who care about them including those who need the information and insight on child abuse. It offers an affirming, positive approach towards recovery for those sexually, emotionally, verbally and physically abused as a child. Among this book's greatest fortes is the extensive use of the author’s own true experience of sexual, emotional, verbal and physical abuse as a child, which is illustrated with problems and solutions on the path to healing. “When Roses are Crushed” offers support, reassurance, and valuable knowledge towards recovery. You can’t force people to grow, all you need is a promising environment which features value, love, trust and the freedom to discover yourself.

Many who read this book may not have been through child abuse, but surely you too may have had childhood memories and pain to heal from. Everyone desires to become whole, to achieve their potential. This book helps you gradually, constantly, step-by-step, bit by bit to face your past fear, your desperate places by limiting your ways of surviving to walk as a VICTOR.

Weaving together her personal life story with proficient knowledge and poems, the author provides clear explanations, suggestions, and support throughout the healing process. Readers will feel identified and inspired by few narratives and the authors prevailing work with survivors.

A pioneer in the field of healing in child abuse, Patricia Dsouza is a Philanthropist, a Visionary &a successful Inspirational and a Motivational Speaker. She is a Poet, a Managing Partner. She is also an effective Communication and Executive Coach. She is a former Executive Director for a Non-Profit Organisation - Divine Mercy Social Welfare Charitable Trust (DMSCT) in Bangalore, India. Patricia Dsouza is a former Child Welfare Committee member. Being a Child Abuse Survivor herself, she fervently helps the victims of abuse move past their dreadful pasts. She runs awareness campaigns for Non-Profit Organisations – towards Abuse through various trust and foundations. As a Co-founder for a prestigious Academy called Inner Power, she has conducted over 500 Seminars, Workshops &Coaching in Communication skills including Behavioural & People Management for all age groups.

Ms. Patricia follows a “Can do Attitude” and practically applies it in her day to day life.

A real Creative Motivator!!

You don’t need to have special abilities to transform the lives of people around. All you need is a willing heart ~ Patricia Dsouza

Thank you so much!
Patricia Dsouza

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Neena (booksindia) | 30 comments If you can send a print copy for review , please message or send an email to

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