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How do you think the FAYZ should be run?

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message 1: by Rita-bella (new)

Rita-bella I think that they should elect a council like they had already done by the end of the book.
To take away some if the lines between mutants and normals they should make sure that half the council is normal and the other half is mutant to keep it fair.

However the money is a terrible idea! They should give everyone a bullet after one day work and then they give the bullet to the grocery store people in exchange for a days food. Than continue the circle.

What are your opinions on the FAYZ govermnent?

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) I think that the system that they have now should work out nicely for now. And the half-and-half idea should work for a while, but that there will be some problems once the "normals" on the council start to develop powers. It's not guaranteed to happen, but it is possible.

I think that the money is a pretty good idea. Your idea would work if they were going to be using the money for just food and work, but they aren't going to use it just for that.

message 3: by Rita-bella (new)

Rita-bella I think that they should only use it for food.
The McClub shouldn't become free, but instead of giving to Albert, they give it it the grocery store who gives it back to the store and so on.

Rachel Paige  Hamlin I think Albert knew what he was doing.
I was very frustrated at the beginning because the first thing I thought was "what about the babies and ovens and stuff? Shouldn't they be rationing food?" So when they finally did that and it was too late... I'll be honest, I yelled at the book characters.

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