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eBooks GROW ON TREES (ebooksgrowontrees) | 78 comments $2.99 or Less eBooks for August!

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Echo (echo_fox) | 7 comments Looking for a Summer read with everything - first love, family loyalty and a magical destiny that will not be put off?

Earth Drummer (Equilibria, #2) by Echo Fox

Buy Earth Drummer by Echo Fox now on Amazon Kindle: http://goo.gl/2XGwDE

Please leave a review! I very much appreciate it.

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K.T. Blaine | 1 comments If you like spies, romance, a little danger and a whole lot of France, you might like my YA novel, Spy Summer.

Spy Summer by K.T. Blaine
Spy Summer

Click here to purchase from Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Spy-Summer-K-T-...

I hope you like it! (And if you do, please spread the word and consider writing a short review. I would appreciate it!)

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J. (jcassidy) | 6 comments http://www.amazon.co.uk/Eloise-Loving...
From a friend, an excellent book. Free for today.

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Harold Kasselman | 15 comments Last hours to get A Pitch For Justice, a legal suspense novel about a tragedy in baseball because of the unwritten rules of the game that gets out of control:

amzn.to/1gSngr0 Just 0.99

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C.T. Hill (ct_hill) | 8 comments The Lost Prince is just $2.99!

The Lost Prince (The Shadowdancer Chronicles, #1) by C.T. Hill

Three decades ago the realm bled. Today, the Lost Prince lives.

Kareth is a legend, a mythical hero; a brigand who just so happens to be the Prince of Panthos, the realm the Silent King destroyed three decades ago. Kareth is real, he is alive, and he is looking for vengeance.

The only problem is that the Silent King, Kareth's mortal enemy, happens to be his father.


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Alex Tully (alextully) | 3 comments Hope for Garbage only $2.99 in Kindle Store!
"5 Stars - A marvelous debut novel...an enthralling story that kept my eyes riveted to the page." - Readers' Favorite

Hope for Garbage is a coming of age tale about resilience—about overcoming adversity under the most extraordinary circumstances—about never, ever, giving up hope.
Because sooner or later, everybody gets a break.

Hope for Garbage


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Stephanie Collins (withangelswings) With Angel's Wings

Recently listed by Indie Author Land as their #1 "tear-jerker" https://madmimi.com/p/d51205?fe=1&......#

Recently earned Honorable Mention in the 2014 LuckyCinda Book Contest http://bookcontest2014.luckycinda.com...

And recently named a Semi-Finalist in the 2014 Kindle Book Awards https://www.thekindlebookreview.net/2...

"Uh-oh. We've got a problem here. I'm hearing a significant murmur." Join Laura on her unexpected and emotional journey in this true medical drama/unconventional love story.
Enjoy the trailer http://youtu.be/d1feuCdh8dc
And find more info (like real-life pictures that correlate with all the chapters and direct links to purchase via Amazon or Barnes & Noble) at www.withangelswings.net

Or for a direct purchase now:

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Angels-Wings-St...

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/with-...

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Stephanie Collins (withangelswings) Echo wrote: "Looking for a Summer read with everything - first love, family loyalty and a magical destiny that will not be put off?

Earth Drummer (Equilibria, #2) by Echo Fox

Buy Earth Drummer by Echo Fox now on Amaz..."

If you don't mind me asking, how do you get the picture of your cover to appear? No matter what I do, all I seem to get is a link. Thank you! :)

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C.S. Woolley (cswoolley) | 27 comments Lady of Fire (The Chronicles of Celadmore, #4) by C.S. Woolley
Lady of Fire, the fourth book in the Chronicles of Celadmore series is $2.99 from Smashwords


United they must stand for destruction is upon them. The realm of Celadmore faces it's destruction as a war that none perceived is brought against them. Venetia, Queen of the Order of Anagura and Queteria, must forge a new alliance between the nations of Celadmore against the evil that Aksoth, Lord of Nether Roth, is set to unleash. The Allied Spirit of Celadmore must be raised and march once more

Standing by the Watchtower Volume 1 by C.S. Woolley
Standing by the Watchtower: Volume 1, a collaborative poetry book released to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research is also available from Smashwords for $2.99

Mightier Than the Sword UK is proud to present this collection of poetry in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. All royalties from the sale of this volume are directly donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. For more details about Macmillan please visit www.macmillan.org.uk

Featuring work from poet and author C.S. Woolley, poet Alexandra Brennan and poet Tom Woolley along with contributions from Rebecca Granillo and Naomi Milnes this volume contains poetry that explores themes that include nature, life, death and love.

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Amy Heugh (amyheugh) Pretty Girl is just $2.99 on Amazon

Pretty Girl by Amy Heugh


If there were one day that she could change it would be the day she was taken.

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Max China (maxchina) | 9 comments When freelance journalist Carla Black wrote a book about a serial killer, she wasn't ready for what happened next...
The new exciting new suspense thriller from Max China, The Life and Times of William Boule, is now available on amazon:
'A distinctive and highly original work of fiction which many readers will enjoy...'
UK Link http://amzn.to/WRVTsU USA Link http://amzn.to/1m6KcnB

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David Menon (wwwgoodreadscomdavidmenon) | 14 comments David Menon

Why are young men on stag night parties being targeted on the streets of Manchester?

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David Menon (wwwgoodreadscomdavidmenon) | 14 comments David Menon
The Murder in His Past by David Menon

This is on special offer for 98p/99c.

Why has the murder of Danny's best friend remained unsolved for 30 years?

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Lance Erlick (lanceerlick) | 9 comments Lance Erlick
The Rebel Within by Lance Erlick

Annabelle (16) lives in a world where men are exiled, quarantined or forced to fight to the death to train the military elite. The first boy Annabelle has ever met just escaped prison. As a cop intern, she’s expected to capture him. Instead, she risks everything to help the boy, even while, in order to avoid exile, she’s forced into the elite military that took her parents.

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Rene Schultz (rened) | 1 comments https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2...
Because of all the reader’s requests…BISHOP STREET... did not end! In three weeks the SEQUEL comes out and you will see what has happened to Maggie and her friends…. Look for "HOUSE OF STONE" ---now is your chance to pick up Bishop Street and start from the beginning! #25Bestselling book on Amazon today… #11 in UK…
“I’ve just finished reading Bishop Street by Rene Schultz & the only problem I had with the book is that it ended. The story shows that time can not destroy true friendships & those friendships have a profound effect on your life.” reviewer- Leslie Beebe 5-star review
Kindle USA: http://goo.gl/Hs5Xvd
Kindle UK: http://goo.gl/tcGXez

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A Home for Wayward Husbands $2.99
"The folks in this book remind me of the folks in The Beans of Egypt, Maine, but I like the characters better in A Home for Wayward Husbands because they are wholly without a scrap of pretension. Nope, the author's voice in this book-and it is a voice like you won't believe-reminds me of Mark Twain's Letters from Earth. Start there, then add in a dash of Fannie Flagg and Eudora Welty. But only a dash, because this new author has a voice that is uniquely her own. Utterly riveting.

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Meda (medawhite) | 6 comments Fall Rush is $1.99
What happens when a bartender helps a sorority girl find her courage while he protects her honor?

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Susan Volkenburgh (susanvanvolkenburgh) | 1 comments Silent Resolve and the God Who Let Me Down:(a 9/11 story)$3.49

"Life for Susan Van Volkenburgh was good. She was often told that God had placed a golden star upon her life. Then tragedy struck. On September 11, 2001 at 9:37 a.m., American Airlines Flight 77 plummeted into the Pentagon, taking the lives of 184 innocent people. One of them was Susan’s father, Stanley R. Hall. At that moment, everything changed for Susan. Everything she knew, everything she ever believed in, came crashing down. Her life began to unravel.

How could she face God in light of all that had happened? How could she ever trust Him again? Wasn’t God supposed to protect His own? Nothing made sense anymore.

This ten-year journey through the desert, through a land where God was silent, was a time of trial and of spiritual awakening. Could faith endure in the face of so great a loss, so large a betrayal?

Transcending the events of September 11, this spiritual odyssey moves through the mire of grief and loss, to question the very motives and promises of God. As Susan asks the tough questions, can the silent resolve of her own father speak to her from beyond the veil? Is there a place for faith when God has let you down?

Buy now http://www.amazon.com/Silent-Resolve-...

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Mike Reuther | 127 comments Now $2.99. This book will be offered free Aug. 21, 22.


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Jay Storey (jayallanstorey) | 10 comments Hi, everybody,

My inspiring novella, Chopper Music

Chopper Music by Jay Allan Storey

about a dissolute biker who finds redemption in music is just $1.99 on both

Amazon Kindle: smarturl.it/chopmusic


Kobo: smarturl.it/chopmusik

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Rhett Bruno (rhettbruno) | 2 comments Hi everyone,

For a limited time my debut science fiction novel "The Circuit: Executor Rising" will be available on kindle & nook for only $1.99! It has gotten off to a hot start, with 43 4/5 star reviews on amazon. Kirkus reviews calls it a "A hard-charging opener to a promising, if bloody, space-opera series." Links and blurb Below!

Blurb: It has been centuries since Earth was rendered a barren, volatile wasteland, and humanity now lives along what is known as the Circuit - a network of ships which crisscross the settlements throughout our solar system. A religious sect, the New Earth Tribunal, has risen to preside over most of The Circuit. Though there is barely a faction left to challenge them, a string of attacks on their freighters forces them to send Sage Volus, a Tribunal Executor, to spy on the their mortal enemies , the Ceresians, who they believe are the culprits. She quickly infiltrates the ranks of a roguish mercenary named Talon Rayne, who, for his own reasons, is also interested in the raids. Against all her intentions, however, she finds her faith tested by him and his ragtag squad. While they search for answers, the shadowy power behind it all initiates his plan to bring down the Tribune once and for all.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Circuit-Executo...

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-c...

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Iva Kenaz (ivakenaz) | 20 comments Hello everybody,

The newly published ebook The Witch Within is available on Amazon for just $2.99.
If you like a blend of historical fiction, fantasy, spirituality and paganism, I'm sure you'll enjoy the read!
You can grab it here:

All best,

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Stephen Christiansen (maldev) | 3 comments Orbbelgguren Series Book I Istobarra Commencement Ebook

Looking for a new fantasy fiction? Try here:

http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Orbbelg... $2.99 for the Ebooks.

Medri Jabbress Olis’inth, a female dark elf necromancer, finds herself ensnared in a web of intrigue and conspiracies. In her journey through the underworld she uncovers more and more of a grand plot while discovering more about herself and where she fits in with her new life.

Yasrae Do’tlar retains the blasphemous secret of his house. His only hope in keeping his house and his life alive is in the trust of a battle captive.

Valas Velkyn, leader of the House of acquisitions from the city of Malzebowan, has found that one of his most trusted contacts has been assassinated. His investigation leads to a discovery of grand propotions, the likes of which can only lead to war. Enter a world of plots, lies, deception, and murder. This book launches the epic adventures of the Orbbelgguren series.

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Orbbelgguren...

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P.S. Winn (goodreadscompswinn) | 76 comments P.S. Winn e-books are all 2.99 15 to choose from, also free w/kindle unlimited. Suspense, Mystery, Supernatural, paranormal, horror, thrillers and a few kids books too. www.amazon.com/author/pswinn Happy Reading!

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Krista Noorman (kristanoorman) | 10 comments The Kindle eBook is on SALE now through August 28 for ONLY 99¢. Happy reading!

The Truth About Drew by Krista Noorman

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Billie Langford (blangford82) | 3 comments Do you enjoy romance novels with a paranormal twist?

Iris by Billie Langford

Iris in ON SALE for ONLY .99 cents till Aug. 30th at Amazon.com!!!

Iris, a young Egyptology grad student, is torn between two men while trying to figure out a mystery surrounding ancient artifacts that have been haunting her dreams.

Iris Maddox's life revolves around securing her career. Smart, beautiful, and funny, people like her, but she keeps everyone at an arm's length. Everything changes when an ancient ring triggers a vision that sends her life into a tailspin. Is it the symptom of a breakdown, or something more?

Confused and lonely, she takes comfort in her colleague, Rob Marshall. Then, while visiting her brother Jason in New York, she catches the eye of his friend and benefactor, John Hale, and he's not subtle with his interest. Iris has to soon make decisions that will not only affect her life, but of those around her too.

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C.A. McGroarty (camcgroarty) | 8 comments Fantastik..."A well-told story of destiny and redemption set against a distinctly American backdrop." -Kirkus Reviews

Fantastik by C.A. McGroarty

Fantastik reached #4 yesterday on Amazon Kindle!! Just $2.99 and 5 Star Reviewed.


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