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The Tempest Guild (The Talam Chronicles, #1)
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David (davidmullin) | 7 comments Just released is The Tempest Guild, Volume One of the Talam Chronicles:

The fragile peace in Talam is disintegrating. The northern ice pack is melting and the king of Sinistra plots to take advantage of the calamity to start a conflict.
Oblivious to the looming natural disaster and a coming war, street urchin Phaedra lives in the underbelly of the capital city. She has a unique and powerful ability, but she is too frightened to use it. Shunned by society, she longs to fit in. When two factions in the underworld clash, Phaedra is caught in the middle. Forced to defend her life, she finally unleashes her power with deadly consequences.
With Talam on the brink of doom, Phaedra is thrust into a conflict she doesn't understand. She must flee the city in possession of a plant that could change the course of history, but she can't do it alone.
With her antagonistic band in tow, Phaedra must find a way to escape Sinistra with hundreds of thousands of lives hanging in the balance.

Robert Edward | 39 comments Sounds interesting. I'll add it to my to-read list as I work my way through it.

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