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Caz (littlebookowl) (littlebookowl) | 114 comments Mod
How are you finding the mid-section?
Do you have any changed feelings about some of the characters we've met?
Any issues you'd like to discuss/vent about?

*SPOILERS for up to chapter 27 present below*

Shae Costakis | 10 comments I don't normally like when action-adventure type novels stick in a romance, because if I wanted to read romance, I'd pick up a romance novel. But the Parzival/Art3mis thing going on is great. I think I just have a soft spot for nerds and geeks, I love it when they find each other :)

Abel | 8 comments Atanas wrote: "Up to chapter 21. I love this book. I couldn't put it down all day. I love the characters, but I have to disagree about the romance part between Parzival and Art3mis. It felt out of place. Everythi..."
Disagree as well for the romance. I hate to think that the book will continue as a romance between Parvizal and Artemis and forget about the hunt.

Caitie | 6 comments I'm up to chapter 21 and I'm becoming a bit disinterested. Has anyone else felt like this?

Shae Costakis | 10 comments Yeah, it had a really strong opening, but now it's just kind of meh :/

message 6: by BookNerdTori (last edited Aug 03, 2014 11:05AM) (new) - added it

BookNerdTori I just got to 23 and I was blazing through this book, I was losing sleep, then chapter 19 & 20 put me to sleep. It got slow, but now it's picking up thankfully!

I really dislike how it goes from YES AWESOME KEEP GOING to please stop and get back to what I want to read. But, over all I still love the book.

Kayleigh (kayleighlafollette) | 2 comments Shana wrote: "I don't normally like when action-adventure type novels stick in a romance, because if I wanted to read romance, I'd pick up a romance novel. But the Parzival/Art3mis thing going on is great. I t..."

Me too I love when nerds and geeks find love!

Amelia Cook | 3 comments In Level 1 I really liked the character of Wade but during his lovesick episode in Level 2, I began to dislike him. However, after he got over his heartbreak I enjoyed his character a lot more. It was really interesting to see how the OASIS completely took over their lives and made Wade quite paranoid at times. I'm still really enjoying it and can't wait to see how the final section compares!

Lily I'm on chapter 19 now... and Wade is slightly disgusting me (you know...that cybersexrobotdoll thing and the never meeting anyone, ever).
Glad that the Art3mis and Wade thing is over because I find the quests and riddles more interesting than the romance...

Vanya | 13 comments Ahhhhhhh... I've just reached chapter 17 and it is making me super frustrated. Regardless, I am excited to learn more about the hunt challenges to follow.

Victoria (vickystar) | 13 comments I'm still really enjoying it and I want to keep reading.. I like the writing style and I care about Parzival, not so much about the other characters although feel kind of bad for Shoto. I don't know if it was written as YA fiction (just assuming because a lot of current dystopian fiction is, and main character is 18) but it reads more mature than something like Hunger Games, which is nice as I'm not really a YA any more, alas!

message 12: by Shae (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shae Costakis | 10 comments You don't have to still be a YA to still enjoy YA :)

Victoria (vickystar) | 13 comments Shana wrote: "You don't have to still be a YA to still enjoy YA :)"

I absolutely agree, and there is some great YA fiction out there.

message 14: by Nika (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nika (nacitana_ljama) Level Two was much more interesting than Level One, I liked that we got to see more of Wade's life in these few moments he spent in real life. Also, I liked all the plot twists and hpw he wasn't able to figure out where the Jade Key is by himself. I'm so sorry for Daito but I really liked the way he died (if that makes sense). I have a theory about the clue Parzival found when he played the guitar - you can't win the hunt on your own, you have to team up with someone if you want to get the egg. I'm maybe not right but I'm pretty sure Wade/Parzival is going to win (I expect that to happen) or Art3mis, Aech or Shoto are going to win (I doubt it but ot's a possibility). I'm very curious what will happen next so I'm off to read Level Three.

message 15: by Emma (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emma Hall | 8 comments I found level two to be a little slow at first. I disliked the romance at the start and found it a bit annoying. I loved the bit where he thought IOI was going to win and his feeling during that time though. I also agree with Victoria about it seeming more adult than YA which I love about the book as well.

message 16: by sara (new) - rated it 1 star

sara (brisingrs) I feel so disappointed by the romance, I don't even know where to start. The author made from Art3mis, who was at the beggining a strong character, only a love interest for Wade, which cuts so so much of her character. Everything was way too fast, they were chatting and Wade was already in love, where he didn't know anything about her. Slightly disappointed by this, so disappointed. It felt so weird reading that part, like it made no sense in the context of the whole story.

(I am up to chapter 20, I will probably come with more points of view after i finish all the 27 chapters)

message 17: by Emma (last edited Aug 07, 2014 11:27AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emma Reid Finished Level Two and enjoyed it just as much as Level One. Contrary to popular belief, apparently, I didn't mind the romance. I hardly ever do. Wade's 18 and hormones are a thing. The feelings seemed to be mutual. I think first love tends to have that "forget-everything" effect. I was frustrated that he took so long to get back in the Hunt, but that was my only complaint. I was also sad that he and Aech (and Art3mis) grew apart. I really liked the dynamic between those three. Fortunately, I suspect that clearing the Third Gate will require teamwork, and he has already taken steps to get the remaining members of the High Five together. I'm also just a tad nervous because there's quite a bit of book left and there's only one gate left to clear...we'll see what happens next! I'm excited to finish!

Lorna Satchwell Level two is so good! It makes e want to vacation at an arcade! Although i'm starting to really want to meet the author and as a few questions.

Such as why did he choose the '80s pop culture games/movies/music that he did for Halliday's favorites?

I would think Candy/Sports/Scandals/Crimes those epic things from the 1980s would be mentioned not the typical gamer music hipster stuff.

Vanya | 13 comments @Lorna - The character of Wade is very closely based on the author himself. I believe the book is an homage to the best years of his life.

I've been going through a bit of a slum the past few days. Things became very boring after chapter 17 and I started to loose interest. I am currently midway through chapter 22 and the plot is starting to pick up again. I am hoping to ultimately pick up my pace as well.

message 20: by sara (new) - rated it 1 star

sara (brisingrs) Finished Level Two, and all I can say is that, despite some things that annoy me and I still don't like, I am enjoying the book.

The riddle was fun and now finally we get into the last part, which would probably be the one most filled with action.

I loved Shoto in this part and I am really looking forward to the fighting plan of the High Five (or four right now, but they're still great).

message 21: by Brie (new) - rated it 5 stars

Brie (bashfulnights) | 10 comments I'm about mid-chapter 21. I'm glad that relationship with Art3mis was stopped. I wanted to yell at him when he was willing to stop hunting to be with her. Even though I still don't trust her, I'm glad she found the next key first. I hope it's like a bucket of cold water over Wade so that he gets his head really back in the game. With that tablet I hope he can find that key before the Sixers.

Also I can't believe there's an item that can kill off I think it was an entire sector! Why would someone create this? wtf man.

message 22: by Brie (new) - rated it 5 stars

Brie (bashfulnights) | 10 comments Level 2 complete! Finally some references I 100% got. As soon as it said Blade Runner I got really excited. Also John Woo's The Killer is so violent and so good!

Aech is a good guy. Even though him and Wade drifted apart he still felt the need to pay Wade back. He really didn't have to do that.

I hope in the end that the murders by IOI are somehow recognized, and some justice is laid down! I'm afraid who is going to die next. I hope Shoto gets his revenge. Here's hoping that the remaining High 5 can work together. Also I'm just curious about this quarter Wade now has. I don't care if it isn't part of the hunt. There are a couple things mentioned that I hope show up/don't show up in Level 3.

Hayley | 4 comments Omg. What is going to happen and who will find the key? I really hope those awful Sixers don't get it!

Sindre Alexander Ellingsen (repitsu) | 20 comments After finishing part two my opinion of the book hasn't changed much! The idea of a romance between Art3mis & Parzival is great! I think its a cute romance that I hope we get to see more of in Part 3!

I have a love for the characters still, and I feel that they are well developed characters that evolve as the story continues! I agree with everyone that I hate IOI!

Finishing part 2 left me so so nervous and excited for the last part! Holy moley! I hope we get a perfect ending to this book! We'll see, I do think it's gonna be a personal favorite!

message 25: by Mona (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mona (mona_books) | 11 comments I'm on Chapter 25 where and I just wanna say one thing.

Seppuku is not same as suicide!

Seppuku is a very specific way to kill yourself (cut through your stomach w/ a sword), which was mostly used as punishment for crime, committed by a specific group of people (Samurai), LONG time ago. (it's banned in 1867 or so)

The word "Seppuku", "切腹" in Japanese, LITERALLY means "cut (=切) your stomach (=腹)". So it cannot be used to refer to any other ways to kill yourself. Even if you are obsessed w/ Ninja or Samurai.

It's not even important to the story but I'm really enjoying Japanese aspects of the book and this one line bothered me so much I needed to get it out :/

Kayla | 69 comments Oh my fluffin gosh. Art3mis! How could you do that to Wade! I am sooooo loving this book. Someone has to find that Jade Key and I hope it's Wade...

Celine The Bookish Queen (celinethequeen) Quick question: is black the color of mourning in Japan? I thought it was white? sorry if this has already been talked about but I thought white was the color of death. Maybe I'm making this up haha

Kayla | 69 comments On to Level Three! Level Two was even better than Level One. But Wade is SO close to the Egg I can't stand it! Those fluffin Sixers though...

message 29: by Mona (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mona (mona_books) | 11 comments Celine wrote: "Quick question: is black the color of mourning in Japan? I thought it was white? sorry if this has already been talked about but I thought white was the color of death. Maybe I'm making this up haha"

Hi! I'm Japanese so I'll answer ur question:)
The mourning color is black in Japan.
I think it was white in Korea, though.

Annabelle (Arachnidphobos) | 8 comments Just finished level 2 and god iv loved every minute so far even the romance parts iv enjoyed, tho I will admit they were a little unnecessary. I didn't think this would be the sort of book that would make me cry but it did manage to when Daito dies and Shoto is talking to wade about it. I love how wade can do everything with out having to leave his apartment and how awesome his set up is now he has the money to afford it. My hate for the sixers grows every chapter and i find it really sad that they are cheating so much but hay I guess there had to be bad guys thrown in somewhere, just kinda wish was one rather than thousands. i one issue with this book is its such a slow read compared to most things I read so its bugging me a little but its amazing so i'm trying not to let that little issue effect my opinion on it. should have in finished tomorrow hopfully, i cant wait to see how it ends.

Ditta Reads (ditareads) | 14 comments I liked level 2! I didn't mind the romance part much, I liked it but also felt like it wasn't necessary. But I think I liked it more than I was bothered by it.

I'm sad Aech and Wade drifted apart. But I still enjoy the hunt. And I'm full of hate for IOI. I hope their ass will get kicked.

So excited to go and find out what Wade is planning, hope it isn't a stupid plan or that he ends up killing himself!

message 32: by Ana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ana (404-equivalent) | 57 comments Mona wrote: "I'm on Chapter 25 where and I just wanna say one thing.

Seppuku is not same as suicide!

Seppuku is a very specific way to kill yourself (cut through your stomach w/ a sword), which was mostly us..."

Yeah, that bothered me too!

I very much enjoyed level two. I didn't mind the romance so much and thought it was quite plausible. I mean Wade doesn't have any loving figures (friends, parents ...) in his life, so he became attached to someone online, whose posts are clever and funny, to someone who shares same interests that he does and to someone who was kind to him. My only problem with that romance was that he stopped caring for hunt completely.

I'm also sad that he stopped hanging out with Aech, he seems to be a good friend.
I like how Shoto came to him to discuss Daito's death, I loved that scene very much. It turns my stomach to think what is IOI prepared to do to win the Easter Egg. But I also think that death was necessary, I think it would be too unrealistic if IOI would not find anyone of High Five with all the resources they have.

I'm also very interested in this quarter from Pacman.

So yea, on to the Level Three!

Isabel (readinglifeofasloth) I just finished level two. And although I think this book is slow paced sometimes I'm enjoying my self. I knew there were a lot of references to the 80's in this book and that I wouldn't understand most of them. I'm planning to marathon all the movies that are mention here.

About the romance between Art3mis and Wade I have a completely different opinion. I think it makes perfect sense. This book is not entirely about the hunt if you think about it. Is also about a possible future world where people may lose them selves on a virtual world. Since OASIS is Wade's world, he doesn't know anything about the real world, so falling in love within the OASIS is plausible.

Albany (albanycarmona) I have to agree with Isabel on the whole romance topic, it was a predictable plot point and it didn't come out if the blue but I do think it was badly executed. I guess the author didn't want to spend too much time on it so he skipped through all the details that usually make a reader connect to a budding first love. It was over before it truly began and that's my complaint (if you're barely going to write about it, why write it at all?).

As for Aech, I'm now sure he's no longer suspicious of being a bad guy with ulterior motives. Daito's death did come out of nowhere though, didn't expect that and it had a bit more of an impact to me than the stacks deaths, probably because Shoto was more visibly affected.

Last of all, I wanna find out what that Pac-Man quarter is for!

message 35: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 17, 2014 12:13AM) (new)

Wow! I am flying through this book, it's fantastic! The Hunt is getting to me, I am so keen to see how it will all turn out, and the fact that Wade/Parzival kind of failed at finding the second key and gate surprised me, but kept me on my toes for sure! Even though it was quite sad I like how his character is developing in the way that he's realising how much the OASIS is taking away from his reality, and I hope this is built on and is addressed in the ending.

The whole romance between Parzival and Art3mis annoyed me a tad, as it was over before it begun basically and Parzival being all love-sick was getting on my nerves. I feel that something else will happen between them before it ends though, and I am definitely interested to see how it will play out. They're not done with each other yet!

I still want to find out more about Aech! I was disappointed about their semi-loss of friendship, as he therefore didn't feature much in this part of the book. I was happy seeing more Shoto though and the whole scene after Daito's death when he approaches Parzival was one of the best emotional scenes in the book so far (although there isn't a lot, I admit, probably because it's just not that type of book).

Cannot wait to find out how it all ends!

Kassie (sassyykassie) | 36 comments Holy shit so much has happened in level 2! I feel like the pace has picked up even further, and I definitely didn't think level one was slow!

I'm a little annoyed that art3mis still wouldn't give any real information about her away to wade/parzival so I'm really curious what we'll end with knowing about her

I HATE the sixers! They're killing people over capitalism!! I definitely have some inkling about what the author thinks of big companies lol

Daito and shotos story was so riveting, it was so heartbreaking seeing shoto so overwhelmed about daitos death

And I'm so excited for what's going to happen in level 3!

message 37: by Sady (last edited Aug 20, 2014 07:56AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sady I got really annoyed with the romance between Wade and Art3mis. It seemed really out of place, and I just simply did not care about it at all. I really enjoyed their friendship up to the point until Wade starting "loving" her. I'm really enjoying this book a lot, but sometimes I feel like I'd enjoy it a lot more if Art3mis was the main character. Mostly because I think she is really interesting and we just simply do not get enough of her. With that being said, I still really enjoy Wade's character. I'm really curious about Aech! I know in the Level One discussion people were saying they didn't trust him, and stuff like that. I never got that vibe from him but now I'm starting to wonder... especially after the Sixers killed Daito. I was extremely upset and my heart wrenched for Shoto.

I'm super excited to see how Level Three will wrap everything up. And I'm kind of hoping that Art3mis is the one to find the egg!

message 38: by Chu (new) - rated it 5 stars

Chu (Pikachu) | 9 comments Oh my god! What is going to happen now. I really wonder how they want to clear the third gate now.
i also felt like the romance slowed the story but it's okay. He's a nerd. One can understand ;)

message 39: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (booktopiabloggse) | 9 comments Just me who stuggle with this book? I´m really not feeling it and I´m thinking about giving up.

Arunima | 2 comments Sandra wrote: "Just me who stuggle with this book? I´m really not feeling it and I´m thinking about giving up."

Oh I felt like that too! Then I did give it up. I picked it up again after finishing a different book, and I finished it then. Maybe you should give it a break too.

message 41: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (booktopiabloggse) | 9 comments Arunima wrote: "Sandra wrote: "Just me who stuggle with this book? I´m really not feeling it and I´m thinking about giving up."

Oh I felt like that too! Then I did give it up. I picked it up again after finishing..."

I´m gonna give that a go, anything is better than to make yourself read a book you really don´t feel like reading right now.

How did you like it when you finally finished it?

Allie (captiveheart) | 58 comments I'd been really busy and feeling super disheartened with the pace I was making with this (the month is nearly over!! D:) But I decided to power through and get to level two in the last couple of hours. Now that I have, I feel super happy with myself. I'm getting a bit concerned with the comments of it getting a bit boring though >.>
It's only 100 pages til level three though, so I'm going to hopefully manage to power through most of it tonight!
Any tips on keeping motivated?

Arunima | 2 comments Sandra wrote: "Arunima wrote: "Sandra wrote: "Just me who stuggle with this book? I´m really not feeling it and I´m thinking about giving up."

Oh I felt like that too! Then I did give it up. I picked it up again..."

I liked it quite a lot! The pace picks up pretty quickly and gets really good by the end of it. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it too.

message 44: by Javi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Javi Rojas seriously??? why oh why this had to happend, im in a state of shock

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