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message 1: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Hello,

I'm looking for a librarian to work with me to help correct and improve the Scottish Gaelic books on the site.
I'm a Gaelic speaker and I'm adding my library piece-by-piece to the site. I frequently find errors in the listings.

Are you a librarian who is interesting in helping out? I would post questions/ correction to this thread. There are many bilingual editions, and some translated editions, so if you have experience with Language issues, that would be a great help. Most books also don't have covers on the site, so that would be another part of the task.

Please add to this thread if you would be interested in focusing on this with me.


message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments For example,

There are two entries for the same book here:

This entry has the correct title and format:
However, the description is in Scottish Gaelic which I believe isn't recommended for Goodreads.

If other entry is deleted (merged?) then the description could be updated to:

A collection of poetry in Scottish Gaelic by Donald Alasdair MacDonald (Dòmhnall Alasdair Dòmhnallach) of Point in Lewis. His poetry covers many themes from local events, love of place and family to political events and war. No English translations are included.

message 3: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments One edition had an error in the ISBN number, so I merged it to the edition with correct ISBN (confirmed on Amazon).
I corrected the title and format.
Also, the description should be in the language of the edition so I set it up to Gaelic on the remaining edition.

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Thanks Olivia!

message 5: by Linda (new)

Linda (lindalanz) | 154 comments I'm happy to help if I can. As a volunteer editor, I primarily focus on language issues, so it's right up my alley. I also studied Scottish Gaelic for a while, so although I'm not fluent, I'm familiar with the spelling conventions and hope I can spot mistakes.

message 6: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Hi Lindoula! Thanks for volunteering. I hope to add more books today so I'll leave a message here if I come across any issues.

message 7: by Linda (new)

Linda (lindalanz) | 154 comments Sure, just let me know.

I took the liberty of looking through your Goodreads Gaelic bookshelf yesterday and added cover images for as many of the books as I could find.

message 8: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Great thanks! I've just found this book has two entries: Tocasaid 'Ain Tuirc. One translates the author's name and the title although this information isn't on the publication.
Oddly, the Amazon listing also changes his name to English version and list the book as in English! The book is entirely Scottish Gaelic. I can't find a page online that has all the details correct so here they are:
Title: Tocasaid 'Ain Tuirc
Author: Donnchadh MacGilliosa
Publisher: CLÀR
place of publication: Inverness
Year: 2004
Pages: 138
ISBN: 1-900901-11-0
Description: Seo an ceathramh leabhar bho Dhonnchadh MacGilliosa à Nis, Leòdhas. Cruinneachadh sgeulachdan anns am bi na h-aon phearsachan a' nochdadh. Mean air mhean, tha eachdraidh nan daoine sin ga nochdadh.

message 10: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Next up!
This entry ... is a mess.
The book is
Title: Sguaban Eòrna
Author: Dòmhnall Iain MacDhòmhnaill
Publisher: Club Leabhar
Place of publication: Inverness
Year: 1973
Pages: 138
SBN: 902706187
Description: Bàrdachd le Dòmhnall Iain MacDhòmhnaill bho Uibhist a Deas. Le ro-ràdh leis a' bhàrd agus le Uilleam MacMhathain.

The name issues is confusing: for a while MacDhòmhnaill or MacDhòmhnuill were both common spellings. On the cover of the book it has 'u', but inside the book, it has both 'a' and 'u' spellings - at the end of his introduction it has 'MacDhòmhnaill'. The creator of the entry has decide to list both.
I would suggest normalising to 'a' (MacDhòmhnaill) despite the cover because:
1. It links to his other book:
2. It's standard in other listings - the National Library of Scotland catalogue for example.
3. Nowadays the 'a' spelling is conventional.


message 11: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26924 comments #10 Instead of changing the 1982 edition I've added the 1977 edition. Different publisher, page count.

message 12: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Hi Sandra,
Thanks -
1. I made an error in the page count - don't know how I managed that! but the copy I have is 151 pages.
2. Please note the language is Scottish Gaelic, not Scots (which is a separate thing).
3. As for the 1982 Gairm one - I don't think it exists. I've never seen it (though I haven't seen everything written in Gaelic!). There's no entry in the National Library of Scotland or on COPAC ( There's one listing on Abebooks - but the listing also says Inbhirnis: Club Leabhar, 1973 (Inbhirnis is Gaelic for Inverness) so I think Gairm is a copy/paste error. That fits with the faulty title 'Sguban', which is not a word in Scottish Gaelic.

message 13: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26924 comments Changed the page count and the language. I didn't think to look under G, silly me.

For us to remove the 1982 edition we'd have to have proof that it didn't exist, which is nearly impossible when its on amazon & abebooks.

message 14: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Hi Sandra, thanks for helping out! Yes, it's a weird quirk to have to look for Gaelic; Scottish! I just the other listing will just have to stay up... At least there's a correct one now for people to use.

message 15: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments So this is a simpler one, just improving this entry
1. Original title - 'Dark Shadow' is a translated title, not an original title. It's not a translated work. The translated title doesn't appear anywhere on the book so isn't need in the entry (I think?)
2. Publisher: Gairm, Place of Publication: Glasgow
3. Year published: 1992
4. Description: Nobhail eile le Iain MacLeòid a sgrìobh 'Spuirean na h-Iolaire'. Tha an sgeulachd suidhichte anns an Eilean Sgitheanach far a bheil buidheann neònach air a bheil 'na Companaich' air eagail is aimhreit a dhùsgadh.
5. Paperback

message 16: by Linda (last edited Jun 18, 2018 09:13PM) (new)

Linda (lindalanz) | 154 comments #15 done.

Sorry I haven't been able to help more. Had to have hand surgery today, so I can only type slowly with one hand. Hope I can help later this week.

message 17: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Hi Lindoula - don't apologise! I hope your hand recovers well. And don't worry, there'll be plenty more to do ;)

message 18: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments So with this one I have questions:
Nothing is *wrong* but the entry could be improved.

This is a bilingual edition: the author's name, the title and the text inside appear in a Scottish Gaelic & English version. I don't know what best practice is for entering this kind of information. I'll list the info below with / between languages.

Title: Smeur an Dòchais / Bramble of Hope
Author: Ruaraidh MacThòmais / Derick S. Thomson
Year: 1991 (not 1992)
Description: A bilingual Scottish Gaelic/English collection of poetry by the scholar and poet Derick S. Thomson (Ruaraidh MacThòmais). The poems draw on personal experience, Gaelic history, Scottish politics and observations of life around him. His own English translations appear on facing pages.

There are pictures of the cover on eBay. Note the cover has his name as 'Derick Thomson' but he's better known as Derick S. Thomson and his author profile under that name has lots of entries already.

Already correct info: Canongate; 140 pages; ISBN

message 19: by Linda (last edited Jun 19, 2018 07:43AM) (new)

Linda (lindalanz) | 154 comments How does this look?

We can only add covers from approved sources due to copyright. Unfortunately eBay isn't one of them. I'll check the sources on the list and see if I can find a picture of this cover.

Another option would be for you to take a photo of your copy.

message 20: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Looks great, thanks! If I take a photo, where can I upload it? or send it to you? Susan

message 21: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Next up: Two editions of the same book: one in English, the other a revised edition in Scottish Gaelic. Should they be linked somehow?

1. Second editor to add: Matthew MacIver

1. Edition language: Scottish Gaelic
2. Names: It has the names of the 2 editors in English (with a typo), then only translates one name (with a typo). The names are
Margaret Nicolson / Mairead NicNeacail (Editor)
Matthew MacIver / Mata M MacÌomhair (Editor)
3. The description!
This is a revised edition of Gaelic Medium Education first published in Dunedin Academic Press' Policy & Practice in Education series in 2003. Tha Foghlam tro Mheadhan na Gàidhlig air a bhith a fàs gu mòr ann an Alba, gu h-àraidh sna bun-sgoiltean. Nochd an leabhar Gaelic Medium Education o thùs ann an 2003. Tha an teacsa ùr Gàidhlig seo a toirt cunntas air an t-suidheachadh aig deireadh 2005 agus air Achd na Gàidhlig. Tha na caibidilean a' cur FMG ann an conteacs eachdraidheil, agus a' dèanamh coimeas le foghlam cànain sa Chuimrigh agus san Dùthaich Bhasgaich. Gheibhear cunntas ann air mar a tha sgoiltean is ùghdarrasan a' cur an gniomh FMG. Tha luchd-foghlaim a' sgrùdadh cheistean mu dhòighean oideachaidh, ionmhais is eile, a tha a' togail ceann ann an sgoiltean baile agus dùthchail. Tha ceistean cànain, foghlaim is poilitigs mu choinneamh FMG air an deasbad gu fosgailte 's air an soillearachadh.

message 22: by Linda (new)

Linda (lindalanz) | 154 comments > Looks great, thanks! If I take a photo, where can I upload it? or send it to you?

Yes, you can send it to me (send me a PM and I'll send you my email address). Alternatively, you can apply to be a volunteer editor, which would allow you to upload the photo yourself. It can take some time for approval to come through, though.

#21 finished.

message 23: by Susan (last edited Jun 20, 2018 08:36AM) (new)

Susan | 23 comments Hi, thanks! I'll take a look at that.

Next entry!

Title: (small typos) Smuaintean fo Éiseabhal / Thoughts Under Eiseaval
Author: Dòmhnall Aonghais Bhàin / Donald MacDonald (there are lots of Donald MacDonalds, this is his only book)
Language: Scottish Gaelic (it's not obvious to everyone to look under Gaelic; Scottish!)
Pages: 115
To add to description: A collection of the Scottish Gaelic poetry by Dòmhnall Aonghais Bhàin (Donald MacDonald) of South Lochboisdale, Uist, Scotland. There are English translation for around half of the poems included. MacDonald was a 'bàrd baile' or town poet who wrote many poems about Uist and its people.

Paperback, Publisher, ISBN is already good.

There's a good pic here: - it would be a good place for covers of Gaelic books - it's the official Gaelic Books Council (it funds publishers etc) - would it count as 'acceptable', like a publisher site?

message 24: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments Language: The language is from drop-down list, so this should be a standard on GR.
Pages: on WorldCat it's XXIX in roman numerals and 115 pages.
Is that the case in your edition as well?
Cover: For now I'm using Amazon cover.

could someone confirm if that's an acceptable source?

message 25: by rivka, Former Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45527 comments Mod
Susan wrote: " - it would be a good place for covers of Gaelic books - it's the official Gaelic Books Council (it funds publishers etc) - would it count as 'acceptable', like a publisher site?"

It's a book store. Not ok to use for covers or other book data.

message 26: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Olivia wrote: "Language: The language is from drop-down list, so this should be a standard on GR.
Pages: on WorldCat it's XXIX in roman numerals and 115 pages.
Is that the case in your edition as well?"

Pages: Ah yes, that's right. I didn't think of that.
Language: Yes, however, I think people find 'Scots' when they're looking for Scottish Gaelic and incorrectly think they're the same thing. (see message 13 above from Sandra for example). Scots is a variety of English (like Robert Burns), Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language.

Thanks for your help!

message 27: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments Pages: set to 144
Language: this is the only option on the drop-down list 'Gaelic; Scottish Gaelic'. This is in one line and not two separate choices.

message 28: by rivka, Former Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45527 comments Mod
Olivia wrote: "Pages: set to 144."

Why? Roman-numerated pages before the regularly-numbered pages should not be added to the page count.

message 29: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments And that's why I never do page numbering requests... Too confusing :)
Set to 115 now

message 30: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Here's an easy one: two entries to combine
All the info is right - just one entry is missing an ISBN.

message 31: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Hello,
I haven't posted for a while here. Thanks for the previous help.

The entry for
An Guth Aoibhneach ISBN: 978 0854 110544
has these wrong.
Author: just one - Pòl MacAonghais
Publisher: Saltire Society
Edition Language: Gaelic; Scottish Gaelic

Year published and ISBN is right.

The WorldCat & Amazon entries confirm the details I have on my copy. (Although WorldCat weirdly doesn't capitalise the title: titles in Gaelic as capitalized as in English).

If anyone can get these corrected, that would be great, thank you!

message 32: by Linda (new)

Linda (lindalanz) | 154 comments Changes made. In this case, since the second version of the name was only attached to this book, I just deleted it (i.e., it wasn't being used to tie the book to a second author profile with a different spelling).

message 33: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Great! Thank you! I agree with your call on the second name.

message 34: by Linda (new)

Linda (lindalanz) | 154 comments I also went ahead and made sure the right language was listed for all of this other books.

message 35: by Susan (new)

Susan | 23 comments Great!

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