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message 1: by Noor (new)

Noor Al-Shanti | 148 comments I always like to leave my books alone to collect dust in a drawer (or folder on the computer) for a few months after I've finished writing them. That way when I go back it'll seem new and I'll be better able to judge if it makes sense/is any good. Anyway, I recently re-read one of my novels and I plan to release it soon and as I was reading I pulled a bunch of quotes I thought were good/nice sounding. The problem is one of these quotes is bugging me. I keep feeling like I heard it somewhere before (maybe in harry potter?)

"...he looked more like a gust of wind or a whirl of smoke than a boy."

It's a just a very brief part of a character description, but I wanted to check. Have any of you seen it, or something that sounds too similar to it, somewhere? Can you point me toward where (which book/chapter)?

Of course it could just be me remembering it from when I wrote it, and it is very short, but I don't want to take the risk of using this quote to advertise the novel and then have part of it turn out to be identical to some famous author's description... >.>

Let me know and thanks in advance!

message 2: by Christina (last edited Jun 12, 2018 09:47PM) (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) It doesn't sound familiar to me and googling it brings up nothing, though it's quite interesting that there are several entries where the same words are used in a passage in a different order.

message 3: by M.L. (new)

M.L. | 1126 comments It brings up thoughts of "The Golem and the Jinni." Not as an exact quote, the ephemeral nature. I like the sentence too.

message 4: by Noor (new)

Noor Al-Shanti | 148 comments Thanks for the replies and help.

Christina, that is interesting! Maybe that's why I kept thinking it was familiar.

Glad you like it, M.L. I haven't read that book, but maybe I should check it out! :)

If anyone else recognizes the sentence from somewhere please let me know!

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