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Fremen Fremen Jun 12, 2018 10:45AM
Hi fellow readers

I'm trying to rediscover a book but can't find it anywhere (no search engines, no bookstores, online or offline) and it's driving me crazy! The problem is, I read this book when I was ~13 yo and I can't (believe me, I tried) remember the name of the book or the author.

So feel free to face this as a challenge =)

The only leads I have are
- It's a philosophy book and since I read it so young and could understand, it's probably for kids
- The author is Italian
- It's composed of a series of small anecdotes that present some "philosophical" questions about daily stuff
- There was one character I remember the name, but that's where it gets tricky because I read it in Portuguese - I believe the translation to English would be "nosy" (maybe "ficcanaso" in Italian, in Portuguese it was "abelhudo")

Any help is appreciated! I already browsed multiple pages of Amazon in different languages but no luck..


(please ignore the Foundation tag, I didn't know how to post w/o tagging a book)


Can you tell me anymore about the book?

Hi Fremen, sorry I don't know the book, but I will give you a couple links where you can ask, and maybe someone there will know.

There is a group on Goodreads:

And one on Dreamwidth that has been helpful to me in the past:

In my experience, it is harder to find books that were written in other languages, but at least it will increase your chances of finding it if more people see your post. Good luck!

This shows with a "ficcanaso" search: . Text and author are Italian, so I don't know what the subject is. It looks like a 2014 publication, so it's likely not what you remember, unless it's some kind of republication.

sorry, that's not enough information!

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