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message 1: by Søren (new)

Søren Truelsen | 16 comments Hi Luke,

Some mixed topics/feedback;
First a small critic; the last handful or so books have lacked basic information about length, publish date and so on. The review I just heard (episode #369) you give the publish date around 12 min to the 16 min. And for both that one and the Scalzi you talk about the length of the book as being “short” or “long” without translating it into either pages or hours. And there have been a few reviews where you forget to give a rating. Yes, sometimes it’s on purpose and then you mention it.

So, a few months back you reviewed Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson (book 3). Just to let you know, I am now listening to book 9 in the series, each one being 40+ hours long. So thanks for that heads up. This is not meant as a recommendation.

Last; Ada Palmer; Book 1 + 2 should be read as one book and book 3 + 4 should be read as one. I think you did book 3 a disservice by evaluating it as a complete book. Will you read number 4 anytime soon?

Take care,


message 2: by Isabel (kittiwake) (last edited Jun 25, 2018 12:42AM) (new)

Isabel (kittiwake) | 61 comments If Ada Palmer wanted books 3 and 4 to be considered as one book, she should have published them as one book. People are not necessarily going to read the books in a series close together.

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (sf_fangirl) OMG, yes. If a book is going to split, it should be made very clear that it’s not just part of a series but an actual partial book/incomplete story so that people who hate that stuff can avoid it. But in reality that money grab at the expense of happy readers should be avoided at all cost IMO.

I’ve railed against Blackout/All Clear for the sane reason. If the story is ridiculously long without a breaking point then the publisher should just publish a ridiculously long book and readers can make informed choices.

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