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Dylan Devine | 17 comments Looking for constructive feedback on the synopsis for my WIP, which is an epic fantasy / horror. Those are two genres that usually don't come together but that's what I'm going for. I want my synopsis to accurately depict the mood of the book. It's essentially just a horror novel set in an epic fantasy world, as in magic and dragons, et cetera, only it's horror.

Here's the synopsis as I currently have it, please don't hold back if you think there's something I can do to improve it. Any and all friendly constructive criticism is welcome.


Cerres of Ashes woke up from a coma with no memories whatsoever to find himself in the decimated ruins of the last human fortress in Dormere. Eleven years after a devastating war between the humans and a neighboring race of warriors called the Chaeklin, the world faces a new threat: every night beasts called the Saelix come out and feast off of the survivors, and no one knows how or why.

The only consolation in all this is the inherent magical ability bestowed to each person at birth called their Apportion, which Cerres quickly learns is more than he bargained for.

Cerres struggles to find out who he is, how he ended up in the ruins, and how to save his common man from the Saelix that come each and every night; meanwhile, tensions grow between the humans and Chaeklin, threatening to reignite the bloody war after the apocalypse has already taken its toll.

Can Cerres learn who he is and prevent the humans and Chaeklin from both going extinct, or will he die trying?

message 2: by Keith (new)

Keith Oxenrider (mitakeet) | 1166 comments Traditionally, this would be called a 'blurb,' or the material on the back of the book that teases people into a purchase. The synopsis is an outline of the novel listing the primary characters and plot high points _and spoils the ending_. It's for agents and publishers so they know what happens, allowing them to decide, without reading the whole novel, if it's something they'd be interested in. Similar approaches and goals to formulating, but a blurb is supposed to be 100-150 words while a synopsis is 500-800.

Your first paragraph does a lot of explaining, or infodumping. Even in a blurb it's best to trickle this information in, as needed.

I believe you have the raw material, but I don't feel compelled by your blurb. I've heard in a number of places that having questions in your blurb can be a problem, though I often use them in mine.

If you'd care to PM me, I can send you a blog post I wrote giving suggestions on writing blurbs and synopses.

Good luck!

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