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message 1: by Dylan (last edited Jun 11, 2018 07:31PM) (new)

Dylan Devine | 7 comments I'm not here to discuss the book at length or promote it in any way, but I'd like to find out what title you personally prefer and/or think would sell better. It's a fantasy/horror so I'm looking for a title that will give off the best impression or simply has a good ring to it.

Here are the three working titles I'm considering, please let me know your thoughts and which title you think sounds better.

1. Desolation of Dormere

2. Dormere

3. Desolation's Reach

The first one was my original concept title but I was worried that if anyone was trying to find the book, they'd only find "Desolation of Smaug" from the LotR series, however I'm still considering it.

Let me know your opinions on which title you think is the best!

message 2: by M.L. (new)

M.L. | 1126 comments Choosing from those three:
Dormere: I don't know who/what it means, and while I am somewhat curious to know, I'm not super curious.
Desolation of Dormere: Probably this one. It tells me something bad is going on with Dormere and has more of a high fantasy ring to it.
Desolation's Reach: this sounds modern, maybe because of Jack Reacher. So if it's high fantasy it doesn't give me that impression.

Reach could work by itself, it can be a noun or a verb so it sets up that question, but it also sounds modern to me.

message 3: by Dylan (new)

Dylan Devine | 7 comments M.L. Roberts:

Thanks for the feedback!

message 4: by Tomas, Wandering dreamer (new)

Tomas Grizzly | 731 comments Mod
I'd agree with M.L. In addition, 'Desolation of Dormere' feels closer to your specific work as it mentions the place where it happens (if I understand it correctly) while Desolation's Reach feels less specific.

message 5: by Phillip (new)

Phillip Murrell | 405 comments I prefer Desolation’s Reach. It makes me curious. Desolation of Dormere sounds too on the nose. I’m never a fan of titles with a character’s name or a location in it. They seem lazy, in my opinion, right up there with using “Rise of the . . .”, “Dawn of the . . .”, or “Fall of the . . .” in the title.

message 6: by Tomas, Wandering dreamer (new)

Tomas Grizzly | 731 comments Mod
Phillip wrote: "They seem lazy, in my opinion, right up there with using “Rise of the . . .”, “Dawn of the . . .”, or “Fall of the . . .” in the title."

Slightly off-topic maybe but I'd say that "Rise of [something]" is good for a prequel.

message 7: by Amie (new)

Amie O'Brien | 280 comments I'd say either #1 or #3.

message 8: by Dwayne, Head of Lettuce (new)

Dwayne Fry | 4358 comments Mod

message 9: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Standafer | 60 comments I like #1.
Not really knowing what the book is about, this one sounds dire and maybe a good fit for fantasy/horror.
I also like the alliteration.

message 10: by Steven (new)

Steven Nedeau | 28 comments I like #3. I think it makes you wonder. I'm of the belief that a title should allude to the story as opposed to hitting it on the nose.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

I like #1. #3 could be used for the sequel

message 12: by John (new)

John Byron (johnbyron) | 7 comments My vote is #3 as well. The other two seem lacking or cliche’d

message 13: by H.E. (new)

H.E. Bulstrode (goodreadscomhebulstrode) | 84 comments I'd go for #3.

message 14: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Lightfoot (goodreadscomandrea17) | 79 comments Desolation's Reach

message 15: by Micah (new)

Micah Sisk (micahrsisk) | 1042 comments Desolation's Reach is the best of those. It sounds cliché enough that you can tell it's fantasy (cliché isn't meant to be derogatory, just very on-trope-ish if you get my meaning) ... and fortunately a quick Google search showed no other books with that title, which kind of surprised me.

message 16: by Brian (new)

Brian Stankich | 3 comments I like Desolation's Reach as well. Two words that I immediately understand. Two active words. A strong verb in reach. And a word combo that seems in opposition which causes me to wonder.

message 17: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Pannetier-Alabert | 5 comments I prefer Desolation’s Reach.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Number 3 for me: it makes me wonder.

message 19: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Blake (jmblake) | 2 comments 3

message 20: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 787 comments Desolation's Reach

message 21: by Edward (new)

Edward Whitehead | 3 comments I would use Desolation's Reach- has a better ring to it. It can be a dilemma choosing the correct title to explain your book, took me a while. Good idea posting on here to get feedback from this fine body of bookworms.

message 22: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Thatcher (jenna_thatcher) | 132 comments #3

message 23: by Alyson (new)

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) | 49 comments I was really drawn to Number 1. It just has a nice ring to it. :)

message 24: by A. J. Deschene (last edited Jul 25, 2018 01:10PM) (new)

A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 58 comments _
Desolation of Dormere; - makes me wonder who or what Dormere is and how it was desolated.

message 25: by Steven (new)

Steven Mager (stevenamager) | 3 comments I like 1, 3 is too generic I think.

message 26: by Erica (new)

Erica Forrest | 14 comments I prefer Desolation's Reach,
Personally, I wouldn't use 'Dormere' in the title because, it's a made-up word, I just had to check the spelling twice, it might make it harder for readers to find your work.

message 27: by Donna (new)

Donna Johnson-Klonsky | 25 comments I like 3

message 28: by Karen (new)

Karen Horsley | 1 comments No. 3

message 29: by Ashli (new)

Ashli Edwards | 1 comments Dylan wrote: "I'm not here to discuss the book at length or promote it in any way, but I'd like to find out what title you personally prefer and/or think would sell better. It's a fantasy/horror so I'm looking f..."

I prefer Desolation of Dormere. I feel that it describes your content best. Also, there is something to be said for it sounding like something they've heard before. It's a psychological signal to their subconscious that says I recognize this book, even if they don't.

message 30: by Philip (new)

Philip Dodd (philipdodd) | 32 comments Desolate Reach may sound better.

message 31: by Tony (new)

Tony Blenman | 95 comments You didn't give the following option, "Desolation Dormere" but I like this, having removed the "of." Reminds me of the movie Damnation Alley. Desolation of Dormere could work though because Dormere could be a person or place.

message 32: by Jill (new)

Jill (jillbrock) | 77 comments I like # 3

message 33: by Julie (new)

Julie Round | 41 comments It could be an advantage to be near the search for Lord of the Rings.
My name sits next to JK Rowling in the bookshops and I'm quite happy! Desolation of Dormere sounds fine to me - at least no-one else will have used that title.

message 34: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Connor | 7 comments I like #3

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