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Help us choose! (Fahrenheit 451 vs Lord of the Flies)
Alana Alana Jun 11, 2018 02:03PM
My teen daughter must choose either Fahrenheit 451 or Lord of the Flies for a semester-long, in-depth, pre-college project & writing assignment and thinks they both sound awful. She is a typical American girl but does not read much for pleasure; she loves Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and enjoyed Divergent very much; she liked To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, and The Catcher in the Rye ok. If anyone here liked either of the above assigned titles please tell us which one and why. Thanks!

Gary (last edited Jun 17, 2018 02:06PM ) Jun 17, 2018 02:06PM   1 vote
Both are great, F451 is more topical right now of course and my personal favorite. So if it was my child I would recommend F451 to expose her to the wonderful world of real Science Fiction and one of its best writers.

Lord of the Flies in all honesty would probably be an easier book to do a project on since it has some pretty obvious themes and archetypal characters. However in today's political climate there may be an opportunity to shed light on more nuanced themes from the book.

Fahrenheight 451, in my opinion, was more enjoyable than Lord of the Flies. However, Lord of the Flies is easier to pick apart and understand, and it is a good book, nonetheless.

Both are amazing books. I think 451 has more relevance today (and throughout history there are sooo many examples you can use) and you can draw many comparisons to social media etc from it.

Also she could watch the recent HBO movie based on the book as well. It's not Oscar-worthy but I liked the way they modernised it.

Fahrenheit 451 es un libro ineludible, tiene una visión del mundo y unos personajes que te van a enganchar desde el principio al final. Creo que Bradbury es un genio, prácticamente el único escritor de ciencia ficción que logra contruir atmósferas, situaciones, personajes, que lo ponen a la altura de los mejores escritores de los últimos 100 años por lo menos.

Lord of the Flies is the better book, from a thematic, plotting, depth, and characterisation perspective. Fahrenheit 451 is more current and immediately relatable. If she liked Great Gatsby, Alice, and To Kill a Mockingbird she might well like Lord of the Flies more as it is definitely "period", rather than "at some time" like F451.

K Jun 17, 2018 03:02PM   0 votes
I liked F451 because of how on point it is with today’s society. I felt assignments on 451 were easier because I experienced it first hand and could relate.

I think F451 is the more topical book right now, but both are great.

Wow, couldn't disagree more there. Lord of the Flies seems quaint with its themes today while F451 is more relevant and prophetic by the minute.

I feel like F451 is not very readable. Stilted dialog, cryptic passages. Lord of the Flies is a much more enjoyable read, for me.

Gfl (last edited Jan 11, 2019 10:41AM ) Jan 11, 2019 10:39AM   0 votes
Lord of the Flies is an awful novel as well as dystopian.

Fahrenheit 415 is dystopian, but relevant and (from my distant recollection) not an awful novel per-se. It is also not "literature" which may mean tripping over less political correctness when writing about it.

I read "Lord of the Flies" due to coercion. I read "Fahrenheit 451" of my own volition.

All that said, I'd hate to have a current academic review anything I wrote about either book, and if I had a copy of "Lord of the Flies" (my school copy thankfully lost many years ago) I might have to make an exception and burn it. It /is/ that bad, and nightmare material for a teenager.

Fahrenheit 451 is a way more enjoyable book to read than Lord of the Flies. Fahrenheit 451 opens up a different view point to the different types of societies there is. In addition, it is also more relevant to some of the current issues happening in our current society.

I read Lord of the Flies many years ago. Of the two books, it probably had better character development. I just recently read F451 and very much enjoyed it. It's probably a more relevant book today than when it was written. There are multiple points/themes in the book that would be well suited to a longer project.

I read both books, and I think that both of them are fantastic. I do agree with some that Fahrenheit 451 is somewhat more relevant to today. But Lord of the Flies is quite fun in its own way. So here is what I think; Fahrenheit 451 is recommended for books that are more relevant (in certain viewpoints as Lord of the Flies shows some relevance too). And Lord of the Flies would be better for plot, character and a more moral feel.


im late to the party
but just recently read f451 for the first time, and was shocked how much I disliked it. it had awkward dialogue that felt like a bad google translate, and the best part was the little girl that didnt fit into the built up world at ALL. I cant imagine her surviving as long as she did, her and her family would have been wiped out long ago. shrug.

As much as I enjoyed reading both books, Lord of the Flies is far better than Fahrenheit 451, in terms of themes, dialogue, plot, ending and just overall a better book.

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