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message 1: by Paul (new)

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5463 comments Mod
Spoilers are allowed in this thread. Please unselect 'Add to my update feed' so other don't see your comments.

Things to consider:

1. Did you like the book?
2. Did you like or dislike the main characters?
3. Do the characters develop?
4. What did you think of the plot and the ending of the story?
5. Do you have any particular favourite quotes or scenes?
6. Would you read anything else by this author?

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasondenness) | 1877 comments Alice is super annoying, always answering back, will eat/drink random food she finds lying to crazy strangers? Yep she'll do that too.

I read this to my daughter to show her what not to be like.

I gave the book 4 stars so must have enjoyed it more than I remember, most probably because of having a laugh about it with my daughter.

If you are expecting Disney's version of the book then prepared to be disappointed, much darker than that.

message 3: by Jazzy (new)

Jazzy Lemon (jazzylemon) | 274 comments In the poll I had chosen the book with other stories (including Through the Looking-Glass) So will be reading that one.

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5463 comments Mod
Have amended the title Jazzy

message 5: by Jo (new)

Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
Thanks Paul, there were various versions, I obviously didn't select the right one.

Digging out my copy to read again.

message 6: by Joy (last edited Jun 17, 2018 03:22AM) (new)

Joy Stephenson (joyfrankie) | 463 comments As a child in the 60s I adored this book and read it over and over again. I think I could recite the poems by heart. I have reread it as an adult - a few years ago - and couldn’t quite see why I so loved it. I think as a child I was very attracted to magical fantasy and at that time (when most of my reading material came from the local library) there wasn’t much in that line available. At the same age I also liked the Finn Family Moomintroll stories and even Mary Poppins (which is not at all like the film.)

I might reread it once more. I still have my childhood copy.

message 7: by Paul (new)

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5463 comments Mod
This is why I rarely re-read books, Joy. Whether I love a book or not is very much of the moment and to return to one I loved and find I am not that impressed might shock me too much

message 8: by Jazzy (new)

Jazzy Lemon (jazzylemon) | 274 comments Oh I adore the Moomins! I'm reading Tove Jansson's book 'Sculptor's Daughter' now.

message 9: by Becky (new)

Becky | 161 comments I obviously read this as a child but can't remember doing so, so it was good to pick it up again.

I got this version from the library... Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. It had both books with original illustrations, notes on the text and a copy of the original Alice in Wonderland manuscript showing Lewis Carroll's own illustrations. So a nice edition.

I knew the story (who doesn't), but it was really good to reread it and enjoy the lovely illustrations, the humour, word play and general weirdness.

There are so many wonderful quotes, I wish I'd made a note of them as I read it.

Definitely a book that can be appreciated by adults as well as children.

I'd give it 4.5 stars but will round up to 5.

message 10: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasondenness) | 1877 comments I've already read this book but I have a penguin clothbound copy of this story and through the looking glass so I'm gonna have a re-read :-)

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