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message 1: by Ken (new)

Ken Dean Good Day all,
Fairly new to this. Just finishing up the MS for my first book, a dystopian with a 1984 feel, titled Chainge. Hope to publish 5 November. Please follow me on twitter at kendean10 and like my facebook page


message 2: by Ken (new)

Ken Dean Good Day all,
My name is Ken Dean. I’m fairly new to Goodreads, newer to the group. I am somewhat of an aspiring author with a fondness for dystopian literature. I have my first novel all but completed with a tentative release date of the 5th of November (remember, remember). The book is entitled, Chainge. It is along the lines of a 1984 meets Brave New World, meets Anthem. I have a facebook page dedicated to the book, www.facebook.com/progressive17. I offer ‘Chainge’ inspired items as my page ‘like’ count increases. Currently a ‘Chainge’ mug will be sent to a random page follower once I reach 300 ‘likes.’ Future give-aways will include free e-books, autographed copies, bumper stickers, and additional mugs. Please ‘like’ and ‘share’ my page and I will be more than happy to reciprocate and ‘share’ your page if you let me know you’ve ‘shared’ mine. I look forward to being a part of the group and appreciate your help in getting the word out. Thanks!

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