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The Shadow of the Wind (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, #1)
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Bill As requested by your group read moderator, Suzy, this thread is for the character list for Shadow of the Wind.

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Suzy (goodreadscomsuzy_hillard) | 665 comments Hi all - I found that I needed a list of characters to keep track of who was who and where they fit in the action/story of this book within a book. I'll post two lists - one with the characters we first meet in 1945-1955 and another for those first introduced in the early 1900's-roughly 1936, some of who show up in the later years of the book as well. If I missed anyone, please add your thoughts.

Spoiler alert: I wondered as I put these together if they might be slightly spoilerish if you haven't finished the book. But I tried to make them as spoiler-free as possible. :)

Suzy (goodreadscomsuzy_hillard) | 665 comments Characters 1945-1955

The Semperes
Daniel Sempere – 11 when we meet him, works with his father in the bookstore his father inherited
Senior Sempere – bookstore owner (did we ever learn his name?)
Daniel’s mother/Sempere’s wife died of cholera in the 1930’s

The Barcelos
Don Gustavo Barcelo – owner of a successful bookstore, friend of the Semperes
Clara Barcelo – niece of Don Gustavo, Daniel’s first love even though twice his age
Bernarda – Barcelo’s maid

The Aguilars
Tomas – best friend of Daniel
Beatrice – Tomas’s sister, engaged to Pablo Cascas Buendia a soldier
The Aguilar parents

Fermin Romero de Tores – a homeless person taken in by the Semperes, ends up working in their bookstore, becomes a great friend. A self-styled Lothario

Don Anacleto – the neighborhood English teacher
Don Federico Flavia - the neighborhoodwatchmaker

The Monforts
Isaac Monfort – keeper of The Cemetery of Forgotton Books
Nuria Monfort – estranged daughter of Isaac

Inspector Fumero – cruel policeman, enforcer and nemesis of many of the characters in the book

Lain Coubert – a man in the shadows, with a leathery mask of a face, said to be The Devil

Suzy (goodreadscomsuzy_hillard) | 665 comments Characters 1900-1936 (some show up in the later years of the book)

The Fortuny/Carax family
Antonio Fortuny, the hatter – father of Julian Carax
Sophie Carax – wife of Fortuny, mother of Julian
Julian Carax – a teenager and eventual student at the San Gabriel
Catholic School and future author of The Shadow of the Wind.

The Aldayas – their home is called the Angel of the Mist
Don Ricardo Aldaya – father and business impresario
Mother – lives in the background
Jorge Aldaya – son and friend of Julian
Penelope Aldaya – daughter and friend of Julian
Jacinta – Penelope’s nanny

Friends at the San Gabriel Catholic School
Julian Carax
Jorge Aldaya
Fernando Ramos, son of the school cook (future Father Fernand)
Miquel Moliner, son of weapons manufacturer
Francisco Javier, son of the Aldaya’s caretakers (future Inspector Fumero)

Cabestany & Sons – publisher of Julian Carax’s books (Nuria Mumfort worked there for a time)

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