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message 1: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Williams | 3 comments My name is Kyle Williams and I’m seeking reviewers for my fantasy epic novel “The Steel Sentinel”!
It’s the first of a four part series called “Spiritborn”

In the beginning The Creator created two world and in them two different beings. With his infinite wisdom he created the spirits, immortal beings of legend as powerful as they were wise. With the passion in his heart he created mankind. The humans lived fleeting, explosive, beautiful lives. In the world of man the love in human hearts gave birth to envy and envy gave birth to wrath. War broke out between the humans. The Creator saw this and decided to share the wisdom of the spirits with the humans in hopes for a better world. These beings known as Spiritborn lived as humans with the ability to call the great spirits from their realm. The spirits tried to guide the humans, but emotion proved too powerful. The humans and spirits destroyed themselves leading to the extinction of the planet. The Creator knew that there needed to be a balance of the world for it to survive once more, thus he created the guardians.

War- The Great Dragon. A spirit so large and fearsome it is said his roar alone can topple nations.

Chaos- A being made of the combination of spider, mantis, and scorpion

Peace- an ape made of metal to combat the dragon’s fire.

Life- a spriggan-like woman credited for the revival of humanity and the planet.

Death- a horror unknowable. Those who see his face do not live to speak of the silent horror he brings.

The first book “Spiritborn” four part series follows Kyah. She is the granddaughter of a lore teller, a people respected for their knowledge of the history and traditions of the Spiritborn. Kyah finds that her grandmother had been poisoned by those seeking to destroy the lore tellers and weaken their influence. Their masters know the guardians have usurped their duties and have become weak, but the book of lore tells of a child who would reunite the guardians in this time. Kyah takes it upon herself to seek out the guardians and return them to their former glory. A mysterious woman gives her a poem, her first clue to finding the guardians. Everyone seems to recognize the girl, but no one knows her truly as she appears again and again in the story.
The journey takes her first to Berlin where she unknowingly meets Joran. One of the four who seek to kill the guardians and take their power. She escapes him flying with her companion Craig and his spirit Isal into a massive storm. Caught in the storm they are forced to land on a mysterious fog covered island in the eye of a never ending storm. It is here they find peace, The Steel Sentinel. The enemy has also found him however and Kyah finds herself fighting for her life against twisted and demented spirits. David, the guardian of peace refuses their offer at first, he is not at peace with an inferiority he feels toward War.
Kyah, Peace, and Craig aid show the guardian the good his power does for those in need and help him to cope with himself as one of the guardians. David begins to meditate and calm his mind regaining some of the power he has lost. Once he is ready Peace uses his power to tame a group of angry rhinos. The mysterious woman appears again and tells David he is ready before disappearing. Taking on the full form of the spirit Blackhand he uses his regained power to calm the storms around the island allowing them to return home. David gives Kyah a medallion known as a guardian seal naming her an ally to The Guardian of Peace and allowing her to communicate directly with him through it.
Kyah returns home a hero ready to go out and find the next guardian.
Its 295 pages hard copy and ebook.
I look forward to hearing from you!

message 2: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Menon (mamtamenon) | 3 comments Hi Kyle,

I am interested in reading your work. I am from India. Kindly let me know more about it. My email id is

message 3: by J (new)

J (jssage) | 1 comments Hi Kyle,

I would be really interested in reading your book. I wouldn't like to review it straight away. I would love the opportunity to give some constructive feedback if you are interested? :-)

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