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message 1: by Faizah (new)

Faizah (namjkm) This group needs a new Mod since I've gotten over the series and well... kind of forgot some of the facts.

So. Who's interested in becoming a Moderator?

Here are a few... not necessarily 'requirements' or 'qualifications' per se... just a few things that'll help you be the Mod :)

1. You must have read all the books (the main and supplementary ones).

2. Have you been listening to the Pittacus Lore Transmissions? Good, that gives you leverage.

3. Watching the movie helps.

4. You can not be obsessed with the potential ships these books carry.

5. An analytical mind is preferable; so that you can detect hints and hidden leads and such while reading.

That's about it. Post a comment in this thread if you're interested!

message 2: by Christy (new)

Christy (craftychristylovesbooks) | 14 comments I'm up for the job :)

message 3: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin  Knox (bknox1196) | 40 comments Mod
Im your man! I've been active on the group threads for quite some time.

message 4: by Faizah (new)

Faizah (namjkm) Okay, I'm gonna PM both of you for some more interrogating, but if anyone else is interested, drop a comment :)

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