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I want to talk about the book in general
Aveline Fein Aveline Jun 07, 2018 05:47PM
I'm working on a hypothesis of what the little people that come running out of the dead girl actually are. I'm curious what everyone believes they are.

Beyond that, what do you think the book is actually about? What are your opinions on the mysteries that are never answered?

I was really struck by Beautiful Darkness. I loved the contrast of the cute little people and the cruel things they do. I thought it was about how many bad things are done by successful good-looking people. Like when the person looking after the baby lies down and is buried alive, she was willing and obedient. The most terrible little people were the popular girl and her posse. They even take down the elegant tall loner. In the end the little person (main character) that was trying to be kind and help others, had to be ruthless herself. She chose survival when it came down to it. Is there a ruthless cruelty in all of us that can be awakened by the right circumstances?
Do you think there is symbolism in the death of the young girl and her decomposition?

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Aveline Fein I don't know entirely what the symbolism is concerning the little girl, and that's one thing that bugged me the most. It seems that the little people ...more
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