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Warrior's Woman (Ly-San-Ter, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Woman flees with Spaceship from Home planet, lands on a technologically backwards planet, meets dominant man, they start to fall for each other. [s]

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Elisa | 5 comments Hey guys, I'm looking for this book I read a couple of years ago (it wasn't new then, so it's probably at least a decade old).

It's an erotic novel/romance book. It plays either in the future or in another world. It starts on a Planet that is technologically very advanced, but they get attacked by kind of barbaric men, who are bigger and stronger then any of the inhabitants of the planet. The heroin can flee in her spaceship (that has an Artificial Intelligence). They land on a Planet with similar people like the ones that attacked them, but not evil ;-). They Men are described as huge and very dominant. The heroine has problems adjusting to this, but SPOLER she and the hero (leader of his tribe of course) start to fall for each other and SPOILER the end up going back to her Planet and free it of the attackers, return to the heroes home planet and live happily ever after.

If it helps, I know that the book has a follow up book that is about the H/h's daughter. The edition I read was actually a double feature of both books.

I would really appreciate any help, it has been a few years, I know, or I believe I got it from my library, but I can't find it anywhere and a google search gets me nowhere.

I don't know anything about either author or title.

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SBC (essbeecee) | 989 comments Definitely sounds like Warrior's Woman. The sequel about her daughter is Keeper of the Heart. There's actually a third one, too, I think about her son.

Elisa | 5 comments YES that's it! thanks very much guys!

Ashley | 298 comments You’re welcome =)

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