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Jody (jodys_gr) Hello everyone my name is Jody and I’m just getting back to blogging after being off for over a year,and closed my old blog down and opened these two new ones. Follow along and get some free books out of it, and I have & host giveaways all the time. If you would like me to host your giveaway for you, please don't hesitate to ask me because I will do it for you, no strings attached! I host all my giveaways over here:

And I have some AWESOME social network followers, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and much more, check it out for yourself. So your giveaway will get around believe me.

This blog is for free books and giveaways and author and book news:

And my other blog is for book blasts, cover reveals, hosted giveaways by authors, etc.

Thanks you and I look forward to networking, chatting, and exchanging links together if you would like to. Have a beautiful sunny day :-)

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Andrea Hintz | 53 comments If you are a #bookblogger and want me to stop by your #book #blog during my upcoming tour, you can book me here! There will be guest posts, giveaways for your readers, excerpts, and free digital copies of the book in exchange for your review!

Also, no need to review if you cannot but...

I’m seeking Amazon and Goodreads book reviews for my spy novel, PERCEPTION AND DECEPTION, in exchange for a free PDF copy. 
Ashton Mathis lives in a rural yet cliquey town in Vermont.  As the owner of the town's only grocery store, his life is successfully simple.  But life begins to teeter towards something unusual after a strange yet beautiful woman named Felix moves into town.  Swearing he will marry this girl someday, his pursuit of her proves to be successful...until she suddenly dumps him and he gets attacked in an alley.  His rescuer is surprisingly Felix herself, revealing that she's really a special agent for a top secret division of the FBI and has blown her cover.  Ashton suddenly finds himself thrown into a mission involving destructive weapons blueprints that could lead to worldwide catastrophe, running from the bad guys who are now after Felix and himself, and try to win back the heart of this dangerous woman.
PERCEPTION AND DECEPTION has sequels as well, and if you enjoy the first book, I will also share the sequels with you in exchange for reviews.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

God bless,
Andrea Hintz  

Here are some previous reviews…

"This book is a definite page-turner. It has suspense, romance, intrigue, action. I was amazed by the research the author has done in describing how a secret organization with authorization to protect innocent civilians may possibly exist. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a fiction-based-on-fact type of novel." -David Lucero, Author

"The synopsis immediately grasped my attention because there aren’t many good YA spy novels, except the obvious and legendary Anthony Horowitz, Alex Rider series. I had zero expectations going into this and I can honestly say that I am incredibly impressed. This book was action packed yet mysterious." -Katerina, Goodreads

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