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Trickle (Wavebreaker #1; Stone War Chronicles #2)
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Title: Wavebreaker - Trickle (Stone War Chronicles #2, part 1 of 2)
Author: A.J. Norfield
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Pages Count: 450
Formats Available: MOBI, EPUB, PDF
Review Due Date: June 28

Book Description: Black ships darken the sea and sky, razing everything they encounter to the ground. But where are Corza and the legions he commands for the Stone King going? Will there even be enough time to warn the Aeterran king and council?

The pressure is on for Raylan and his friends as they successfully escape the Dark Continent. How can they stop the Stone King’s forces—including the dangerous ghol'ms—from ravaging the world as they know it? Without Gavin, their squad’s strong leadership is gone and those left struggle with the message of the oncoming danger. It’s not long until internal friction rises between friends.

Hundreds of miles south, Trista’s village is obliterated without warning and it’s up to her to keep her little brother and newly hatched dragon safe. She’s always held her own as one of the waterclan, but will her hunter skills be enough for her to conquer the hardships that await them on the road ahead?

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A.J. Norfield (ajnorfield) | 38 comments I realize reviewing a second book in the series might be not as attractive as the first, but I am happy to provide a copy of Windcatcher (Book I in the Stone War Chronicles) as well.
Windcatcher (Stone War Chronicles, #1) by A.J. Norfield
It currently sits at 20 reviews on amazon and it is my goal to reach at least 50 reviews there, so Amazon reviews are highly appreciated.

Feel free to let me know if anyone wishes to review both or just book I in the series.

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