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Cass | 231 comments Callista
I sat on the cot in my tent, the dirt ground covered with large rugs and furs, keeping me as warm as it could as a small fire burned in the pit in the center. Thankfully, I would only be here this one evening, as tomorrow I would be wed. It was a strange thing . . . My brother, part of the court, our guards, and I had all been traveling for the past week or so, journeying to this new place to give me away to a complete stranger. I didn't even know what e looked like.
Of course, I'd done my best to learn all I could of this new King. I snooped in on conversations my guards had, ducked out of my carriage to listen in on my brother's words -- one night I even slipped past my guards and went to a nearby tavern to try and learn all I could of my new lord and master. All I managed to catch was he had a reputation as a good king, but a cold man, possibly cruel. That was all I found out, before my brother fracked me down and all but dragged me back to our camp. Apparently it was frowned upon to go wandering alone in a foreign land.

"Sister." My brother's voice pulled me from my thoughts. I turned to face him, keeping my disposition calm. His bright silver eyes met my matching ones and he scowled as he entered my tent. He went right for the drink, going to the small table across the room from me and pouring himself a glass of the heavy wine there.

"Yes, my king?"

Another frown twisted his normally attractive face as he looked me over. "You aren't ready." He stated. He was right, of course. I was sitting here in my underthings and fur robe, not in the gown that had been made for this occasion. This presentation of me to the king. My brother, however, was clearly ready. He was dressed in a bright cobalt overcoat and pants, embroidered with gold vines and leaves. A golden crown sat atop his pale blonde hair, that curled slightly around his forehead. That was another way that we looked alike. For twins, we were certainly similar, at least in appareance. Same eyes, same heart shaped face and spindly limbs. My hair reached the small of my back, however, and was currently filled with intricate braids.

"I will be soon." I respond coolly, meeting his angry eyes. He drained the glass of wine and crossed towards me, leaning down into my face.

"My dear sister," he hissed, "this is an opportunity not only for you, but for your kingdom. You will be courteous, and sweet, and docile, and you can't be that, if you're not *fucking dressed*!" With that, he stormed out, leaving me alone once more.
Unfortunately, not for long.

He sent in one of my ladies maids and she quickly eased me into the navy gown, before fastening a heavy cloak around my shoulders. Even I knew what this meant. It was time.

A large grouping of us made our way from our campsite up to the castle, where we were led into the throne room of the King.

"Your Majesty," a man called from the side of the room as my brother and I stepped forward. "Presenting King Claudius Harten, first of his name, and his sister, Princess Callista of Sibenzia!"

With that, I curtsied deeply, the shimmering fabric of my dress crunching beneath me as my head lowered in respect to the man who would soon be my husband.

I laughed loudly and clapped Sir Robert on the back, almost making him cough up his drink. "You're telling me you fucked the new queen?? The one no ones ever even fucking seen?" I snorted.

Rob took another swig from his flask and nodded. "She was a round littl' thing. With long brown hair and a bush to match!" He snorted, wiping his mouth on the back of his sleeve.

"Rob, everyone knows the Sibetzian's are all weird and pale," Peter piped in with smirk.

"No, she'z not, I sweah!" Rob insisted, but we all just ignored him as we made our way back up to the castle. As noblemen and knights of the king, we were all supposed to be at tonight's festivities, but any good man knows festivities are more fun if you're already a little drunk before you get there!

"Well, we'll see her soon enough. And hey - maybe you can fuck her again!" I laughed.

(Some images!

Callista: https://t00.deviantart.net/eWKWe4BQm3...

James: https://t00.deviantart.net/xG2MXLfsu9...

Callista's dress : https://78.media.tumblr.com/7df99c2e7...
Her hair : (but silvery blonde)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Oh snaps you’re a long rper! Give me a sec let me get my laptop))

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Cass | 231 comments (Haha they'll get shorter as we go but they're always long right at the start XD)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Okay bare with me having some technical difficulties with my computer!!

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Cass | 231 comments Hahaha ok!

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments name: Damien Constantine
age: a secret

name: Aurora Constantine:
age: 17

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Damien

I've been known of my strong reign of my kingdom being impenetrable for ages. I've been king for so long i've forgotten what it meant to be a normal man. I didn't care about anyone and the only radiancy in my head or anything would be of my little sister. Which i safely left her by my side. She was also one of the smartest and beautiful women in our country.

I just brought her because she likes to see different people from different lands. And i guess she was awfully more curious when it comes to my future wife. I looked at her calculating when she is introduced to me. She is beautiful but at the same time i can imagine her as a small little bunny.

"She's beautiful." My sister whispers to me and i say nothing. When they're introduced and they make their respective gestures towards me. I nod my head and motioned the guards to guide them towards the guest room.

My sister beams at them.

"Welcome to our kingdom! I'm sorry for my brother's lack of speaking but our guards will show you to your guest rooms if you don't mind." She says and i remain silent

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
The King himself was silent, but as we were being pushed aside - the young girl next to him spoke up. A small smile flirted across my face at her cheer, before I followed the guards and my brother out of the room.

"Rude." My brother sniffed softly to me, a look disdain on his face. "This alliance is important to both our kingdoms, he could have said something!"

"Calm, my brother." I chide him softly as we are taken trough the castle halls. "I suppose we're both supposed to be sweet and demure right now. Just make it through the next night or so, isn't that what you said?"

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Aurora

I looked back at my brother and gave him a look. "Can you at least say hi to them or probably give them an 'its nice meeting you' or 'you're so beautiful' she is your wife." I tell him and he just rolls his eyes at me and waves me off.

"She's a white flag, had i not taken her brother's request for an arrange marriage for some form of alliance i'd easily taken over their meaningless kingdom." He huffed and left his cape behind and started walking down the halls.

"Still she's pretty and she seems to be nice." I tell him following behind him when he just stops me from following him with his hand raised at me.

"Fine, have one of the guards ask her if she'd like to join me at my studio so we can... get to know each other I suppose." He says annoyed but hey at least i got him to talk to her.

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
My new rooms were quite nice, though I suppose I wouldn't be in here for long. Tonight there were no plans besides supposedly some form of dinner - whether it was in my room alone or with more of the court. Tomorrow, however, was the wedding. A long affair with gods and men and giving away and ownership, before a feast and a party and then . . . Well, then I would be queen.

I suppose that this was as good a husband as I would find. I would always have been bargained off to some man, at least this one is a king. The only other way I'd been queen would be if Claud, my uncle George, and my cousin Demitri all died. I was not close in the line of succession.

"My lady?" A male's voice called from the other side of the door, before it opened. A young man stood on the other side, dressed finely but with a twinkle in his eye. "The King requests your presence."

I followed him from my chambers and back through the winding halls, my stomach flipping as I realized I was to be speaking with my husband for the first time.

Heh. I knew Rob was lying. The queen was petite, but thin and had long silvery hair.

"This way." I instructed her, taking her to the King's studio. She kept quiet on the walk, but I didn't press her. She seemed young, maybe around the age of the Princess Aurora... most likely a bit older. Aurora didn't know how to hold her tongue like this one did.

My silent companion and I reached our destination, to which I knocked on in three short raps.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Damien

I was in my studio just picking up a brush and started stroking patterns that my hands wished to pain upon my canvas. Usually i am not that fond of people coming into my studio but considering that my sister has a point. She is to be my wife and aside from being able to... cope with her presence she needs to cope with mine

And understand some rules that need not to be broken while we're in this marriage. I hear the door being knocked and i looked at my sister that was doing some sketches of her own when she hears the knock. She holds onto her paper and goes to open the door looking at Callista.

"Hello princess, you may come in." She waves her hand to come in before she gives a light bow.

"I'll leave you two alone then." She gushes and walks out of the room and closes the door s behind her.

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
I give the princess a weak smile, before stepping into the studio, my shimmering navy gown dragging slightly on the ground. "Your Majesty." I say demurely, before curtsying once more. "You wished to see me?"
The art studio was quite lovely, and not what I'd expected from the King. There were many paintings and sketches all over the walls, sculptures here and there, pottery and oils paints. . . I didn't know how much they valued art here.

I bowed my head to the young princess. "My Lady," I say, "how has your day been?"

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cain

I looked back at her, seeing her long wavy blonde hair out and her emerald green eyes just looking around my work through out the years. I didn't see anything until i see the look cross her face and i just continued back to my work.

"They're of no value at all, I come here through the years to let my mind wander and analyze possible actions for certain decisions that i've made. This is just what i'd like to call... a way to draw out my plan." I tell her and just let her wander around.


I turned to look at the guard and i feel my heart just lightly slow a beat when he asks me how my day had been. I didn't know how to respond at all. I was just stuck for a minute. I've known James for so long that it's odd that he just still addresses me so formally.

"I ... James you really don't have to call me my lady." I whispered to him blushing slightly.

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Cass | 231 comments Callista (she has silver eyes :P)
"My brother is all about war plans and politics. There isn't an artistic bone in his body," I commented, going towards one of the charchol drawings on the wall. My fingers hovered over the smooth lines for a moment, before I flushed and turned back towards him. He probably didn't call me here to show off his artistic talents. I turn back towards him and approach where he sat with his canvas.

I chuckled lightly. I seemed to always have this affect on her, and it wasn't highly amusing. I suppose if you grow up surrounded by dashing men who did whatever you asked at a drop of a hat, it's easy to get attached.
"But that wouldn't be chivalrous at all," I note as we walk down the hall. "And afternoon all, aren't knights supposed to be about chuvalry?"

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments (oh okay!)


I looked back at her when she tells me that her brother doesn't have an artistic bone in his body. "I know. I make it my business to know everything about everyone in the seven kingdoms now. But he does not mind being careless with harletts when no one is looking." I note and just see her walking on in and approaching me.

"This is an arranged marriage but i would like you to be acting as any other marriage. You shall not have an affair, the minute your lips touch another man that is not mine deal is off and your brother knows how easily i can take over his kingdom." I tell her in a cold tone.


"You've always been casual with me though. Ever since we were kids you were like the brother that i wanted but never had." I tell him walking down the hallway with him when i looked out the window and just bit the inside of my cheek.

"knights can be chivalrous but that's because they don't know me, they've never seen me play or fight..." So i'm a fighter i have to. My brother is not the nicest king to be known assassination attempts are normal.

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
I stoped where I was as displeasure spread across my face. Of course I wasn't annoyed that he didn't want me to fuck someone else but just - the way he said it was so - so blunt.
"Is that the reason you called me here? To remind me to keep my legs shut?" I responded coldly before I could stop myself. Back and forth with my brother had made my mind and tongue quick. I didn't think much before speaking, but I was usually fast when it came to getting under his skin - or anyone's for that matter.

"I've always been casual with you? And yet I've always addressed you properly." I respond with a roll of my eyes. Where was this discomfort from her coming from? Maybe she was just avoiding my previous question,

"I'll ask again, *Aurora*." I concede, turning towards her, "how has your day been?" It was a stressful time in the kingdom ... the king needed a wife to keep the people's favor, and Sibenzia needed strong allies, but Cain was never the kind to give in easily... and he also unloaded all his thoughts and feelings onto his sister.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Damien

I looked back at her when she asks me if that's the only reason why i called in here, to just remind her to keep her legs shut. I looked back at her and just dismissed her quip attitude to respond to the fact that i told her not to fuck with anyone else.

"One of them, correct, next i won't have an affair as well. My parents believed in marriage to be sacred and a bond. I intend to give you the same respect as i want from you as well." I tell her and just continued with my painting.


I looked back at him and just rolled my eyes as well when he asks me how my day has been. I keep on walking until we were right in front of my room and i stop myself from walking on in. I looked back at him and bit my lip a little bit.

"i am not... Today my brother met his bride to be, and the last thing he wanted was to address the King. I have to go and make sure the King whom is our ally is not feeling like he's been disrespected." I tell him and just looked down

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
"I find it interesting that you decided to make these a direct order instead of assuming that I also valued this alliance and my bondage to you." I respond, my brows furrowing. He hadn't even formally introduced himself, or said any kind words at all to me, and he was accusing me of wanting to cheat on him. By the gods - we weren't even married yet! I had wanted to talk to him about - about his country and their traditions and lives and instead I feel like I'm being put on trial!

I sighed. "I care about our King, but he can be callous when meeting with allies," I respond, rubbing my brow. "If you would like, I can accompany you. It wouldn't seem out of place for you to have a guard by your side, especially given your age." I offer

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Aurora

I looked back at him with an arched eyebrow and just smiled at him a little bit. "I'll be fine, besides i'm of age. I've been of age for over three years already." I explained to him and just opened the door and allowed him to come on in.

"Damien just... he doesn't have tact. If you present yourself as honest as possible without bullshit then he won't give a shit about anything."


I looked back at her when she tells me that she finds it interesting that i made a direct order instead of trusting her. I arched my eyebrow when i looked back at her and i didn't say anything.

"I didn't accuse you of already planning on being unhappy on this marriage. I clearly just stated what i am expecting of this marriage and being candid about my actions if i find out a betrayal. That is hardly giving you an order to never be unfaithful." Not at all being phased by her mood rants as of now

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
So he wants me to sleep around? By the gods could he just make up his mind! But I would bite my tongue, if he wishes to admonish me for things that had never happened. I had to remember what my brother said - sweet and docile. Sweet and docile.
"Of course, My King." I respond coolly.

I resisted to urge to roll my eyes. She might be of age but she still acted like a child sometimes. "Alright, it was just an offer." I responded, before giving her a slight bow. "I will see you tomorrow at the ceremony then."

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Cass | 231 comments (Boop)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments ((Sorry today I am working so I am spotty

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Damien

I looked at her temporary fluctuation of emotions and stayed quiet observing her carefully. “Something tells me you’re not following what I’m saying to you. But I won’t push the issue if you don’t understand what I’m saying then I won’t explain myself a third time.” I said looking back to my painting when there was a moment of silence between us.

“Do you have any remaining questions for me? I’ll answer any questions if they’re not personal.”


I saw him get irritated with me and I kind of felt bad. I didn’t want him to think that I was being difficult for the sake of it. I reached out to hold his hand from stopping him from leaving. Before I found my voice again. “How are you? Are you okay?” I asked.

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
"I understand what you're saying." I responded, my eyes narrowing. Did I really had to leave the comfort of my rooms for this short and rude conversation? If anything this was giving me more doubts about our future together.
"No, my king. I have no questions for you that are not of a personal nature."
I wanted to ask him about, well, *him*. His life, his childhood, kind kingdom, his family, his likes, dislikes - to get to know him! But if he refused to share any of that with me, I might as well return to my chambers for a lonely dinner.

I pulled my hand away from hers and gave her a stern look. "Aurora .." she knew we couldn't do this. Maybe when we were children it was easier, but she was of age and eligible for marriage. Any inkling of feelings between the two of us had to be shut down. "My lady, unless you would like me to accompany you, I should return to the King. He may need me to protect his new bride this evening."

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Aurora

I felt like a chastised kid here and I was of age. I couldn’t help that my relationship with him was always so close. He was my childhood friend for crying out loud. Our mothers were friends it’s natural for me to be attached to him. He was the only one around when Cain had to become king at a young age.

“No it’s fine. I’ll ask Luke to come to my side if you have business to tend to.” I snapped right back at him. So Luke was a knight that had shown interest in me. I’ve never taken up on his flirt tactics of me but... James didn’t need to know that. I looked away from him feeling hurt and just went to my balcony and sat on ledge.


I looked back at her when she responds with no and I didn’t say anything. “You’re not a child Princess Calista if you have something on your mind then say it. I don’t take fond of liars or fake obedience.” I shot back at her before I got up and went to wash my hands.

“If you have questions about the kingdom I will answer them. But since we’re not yet wedded I reserve my right to keep my life away from our conversation. After all shouldn’t my kingdom be a reflection of me?” I tell her more like trying to find all the kinks in her.

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
Fine. If he didn't like false sensitivities, then so be it. "Alright. I find your tone and callousness worrisome, and it brings to mind the absolute necessity of this alliance. It's no wonder that your Kingdom seems to yearn so badly for a queen when *this* is their king. All I know of your kingdom is its politics and frankly I'm a little underwhelmed at my current prospects." I say smoothly, my eyes following him as he turns his back to me to wash off his hands in a basin on the other side of the room.

"You can be rude or you can be sensitive and caring, it is absolutely your choice, but your false bafflement at my own hesitation seems honestly a little silly. How were you expecting me to respond to your frank attitude? I seem to have surprised you in *both* my resistance and my obedience, so please, tell me which you would rather see."

I didn't like playing games. Certainly not with my husband to be who was already getting on my nerves.

I watched as she flounced across her room to go out and sighed, running my hand through my hair. "Ro -" I find myself slipping, calling her by the nickname only few knew of. "Yes, your majesty." I give in, waving her off as I start to leave. If she wanted to pout like a child she could. That was in fact the whole issue of the matter ... she was young and childish but now if we were found horsing around together I could be executed. No matter how much I yearned by to hold her in my arms and comfort her.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments I’m at work. Will post after work))

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Damien

I looked at her listening to rant and rant and tell me that if my personality is a reflection of my ruling that it’s no wonder that my kingdom wanted a queen. I just let her go on and on until she just stoped her ranting and I’m just looking at her clearly unphased.

“Your candidness is appreciated and yet I don’t want to try and explain my statements or my actions if you think my frankness is alarming or confusing with you. My kingdom desires a queen due to the last assasination attempt. They were for their future in response to my probable demise.” I said to her and just looked at my painting.

“Be who you are that’s all I ask in order to gain trust in you.”

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Cass | 231 comments (I'm sorry I disapeared again, life keeps getting in the way -.-)
I huff softly and cross my arms. He was frustrating. I suppose I should have. . . well, I don't exactly know, but done *something* differently. He had just, he had caught me so off guard!
"Very well, my king." I concede, watching him carefully as he simply stared down at his painting. Ugh. *Artists*! "Is there anything else you wish to discuss before our nuptials tomorrow eve?"

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Casa you’re alive??

message 31: by Cass (new)

Cass | 231 comments I am!! Things got insane over here and I switched jobs and then the new job was bad and there's so much drama and I just haven't had any time :,,,,,(
but hopefully I can be around more

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments No it’s okay. I completely get it. I’m in the same boat as you. Just recently I was able to more active. How long will you be awake?

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Cass | 231 comments depend on if i have something to stay awake for XDXD I don't have work tomorrow and am yet to feel tired even though it's late!

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Okay okay! Give me a sec to respond.

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Cass | 231 comments yayyy :)) it's been so long!

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Damien

I turned to look at her when she asks me if i have any other questions for her and for a minute i just stopped painting. Just looking at her when i put my utensils down. "Well it's nice to know a little more about yourself. You are going to be my wife so i do believe it's in my best interest to get to know you." I tell her.


I was taking a nice long bath just trying to forget that fight i had with James. I didn't know that we were in such a tough spot right now. I just... I was just so close to James. He's almost my whole life ad i don't understand where it all went wrong. I get out of the bath tub and slip on my robe when i hear someone in my room

I open the door and i see my brother's brother in law Claudius there. Looking around until he sees me.

"Princess." He greets me and I'm a bit shocked but i'm covering myself.

"King Claudius what are you doing here?" I said having a bad feeling about this

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
He was probably trying his best to be kind, he was just a little odd. I couldn't figure if he was righteous or condescending. "Uh, yes, my king." I responded slowly, fidgeting where I stood. I think I had preferred it when he was staring into his painting rather than staring me down. "What would you like to know?"

(hey girl, if you wanted him to come in just ask me, please don't godmode my character, I don't really know what to do with him just barging in on her half naked XD)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments ((Oh I thought he was an extra... wasn’t your character James the knight??)

message 39: by Cass (new)

Cass | 231 comments (I guess it was, but he was kind of mine too haha. If you didn't want me to respond to it then that's ok! I just didn't really know what to do with him lol)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments ohh i'm sorry i usually have extras for anyone to use and vice versa. I was just trying to do a damsel in distress thing since the King looks like the kind of guy that would push his luck is all. if you want i can take it off do something else))


My gaze was completely on hers, I've seen her before and i've taken time to notice all of her features. From the color hues of her eyes to the way she starts fidgeting as a nervous tic of some form. I understand that for some reason i was intimidating her right now.

"Whatever you want me to know. Tomorrow will be our wedding day and we will lay as husband and wife. I want to make the moment as less intimidating for you as possible." I tell her.

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Cass | 231 comments (lol no you can use it, but I just don't know how to respond to it. So if you want to play him rn absolutely do)
That was an. . . unhelpful answer. "I suppose there isn't much to know about me. I'm sure you already know of my kingdom and our geo-political stances, and I'm just. . ." *a means to an end* "a tie between our two families to strengthen us both."

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Damien

"Well that sounds more like a status report that i would expect from your brother. Which quite frankly i already have it memorized." I said standing up grabbing a near by rag and started wiping at my hands when i started to think of a better way to express myself.

"I guess what i am trying to understand is what kind of a being are you. For example what are your hobbies, I understand that there's a strong will in you from the look in your eyes. But what are your likes dislikes." I explained to her

(well i was thinking in her brother trying to assault her until your guy intervenes?)

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Cass | 231 comments (XD yeah again, if you want ME to play him that way I'm not comfortable with it. If YOU want to play it like that, feel free. That's not really the character I had in mind while creating him. Being a brat and a bully is one thing, assaulting a member of nobility is quite another)
Most people hardly bothered to ask about my tastes and preferences, I was a little surprised he cared. "I like to read." I started slowly, waiting for the other foot to drop. "I find history quite interesting, and enjoy learning of other cultures and following the intricacies of politics and court." Although I wasn't allowed a say, I did try to sit in on meetings of the small council. "I can play four different instruments, speak three - and a half if you count the bits I've picked up of Thuranian on the road - languages, and have studied multiple different forms of dance."

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments (its fine Cass if you had an interest in this character as an extra I will respect that trust me. I understand if you had a story in mind for this dude. So how can we get Aurora and James in the same picture? Mmmm maybe she sneaks out to the garden??)


I looked at her carefully when she sees me like if i had a third head or something like that. So she's very literate and it seems like she's quite intelligent. I let her continue my blue gaze locked with hers when she tries to speak to me like if she was reading out her qualifications.

"That's interesting, most royal ladies i've met aren't interested in the politics of countries except if it affects trade routes. My sister... she's more of a warrior than a princess doll or a politician." I tell her and just sit down.

"Favorite piece of literature?"

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Cass | 231 comments Callista
My eyebrow quirks up at that. "Your sister, a warrior?" That wasn't exactly how she appeared. . . younger than me and a little ball of positivity in this dull kingdom. . . I ignored his implication of a princess doll - Is that all he thought I was? - and continued on. "The Lions and Roses, by Luwin the Wise. It covers the war of Roses, the three Lions, and the forty years of relative peace between."

(Does she really need to sneak :P? But yes, they can meet up in the gardens. Also, what in your mind is their history? I was planning on having them not really know each other but in your posts you keep hinting on more of an already established relationship)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments ((I thought they would have a childhood friendship relationship but as time went by and they’ve grown that friendship love matured))


I see her confusion in my sisters perception. She is small and dainty looking but she’s the best swords woman and is more than capable of holding her own in an assassination attempt. “She’s an interesting girl. After my father passed away I found it in my sisters best interest to not be constructed into this poise label of being a princess.” I said to her.

“I intend to practice that same mentality with you princess Callista. If it makes you comfortable to be around this chaotic world of mine.” I tell her.

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Cass | 231 comments (ok! sounds good! That's what I interpreted from your posts but just wanted to check before we went on with them)
My parents had passed when I was far too young, yet I had managed to hold my own without being a skilled swordsman. I didn't hold disdain for the practice, it had just never seemed relevant. Men fought with swords, women fought with words and wit. "And what mentality would that be, my king?" I asked him

I set my sword to the side as I finished polishing it, leaving it on the stone bench beside me. Standing, I reached my arms out high above me and stretched, my back already feeling tight from sitting for so long.

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She looks at me carefully trying to diagnose me in some way to make herself seem comfortable. I understand that I’m not a normal man. I don’t consider myself normal. I didn’t use normal tactics to get my kingdom into safety. I don’t speak normal like nor do I approach things normally.

“With the mentality that I hope you’ll see me in. You’re my wife and you’re my equal. And you shall be treated as such.”

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That was new. An intriguing custom, for sure. The powers of queens were never mentioned in the history books - perhaps this was his own tradition that he would start. I certainly wouldn't object. "In all matters?" I questioned.

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She looks at me as if what I was telling her was just a fable. That it was just a trick of the tongue when she asks me if this would be applied in all matters and I nodded my head. “Correct, in all matters you’ll have a voice with me. And I hope to be able to work as a team together in continuing this reign.” I tell her before I stood up again and walked towards her

My hand gently reaching out to her before I just used my fingers to touch at her cheek complexion. “Questions princess?”


I don’t know how long I was in my room after my bath. I opened a book and started reading a couple of chapters before I placed it down. I hated being inside sometimes, I like moving around being in the open. Just doing something. I walk around my room in my high waist pants I changed too and light white blouse that was tucked in.

I go over to my window and check if there were any guards wandering around. I’m never necessarily confined to my quarters but.... I enjoy the act of sneaking.

I jumped from my window and managed to land on the thick tree branch in front of my room. I flipped over and landed on my feet before I started walking out.

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