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StarMan (thestarman) | 1883 comments Co-Moderator Ev (aka Crazy Book Lady) asked me to say:

Our June 2018 BOTM is The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

No glittering vampires in this one, just soul-snatching aliens. :)

I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I am enjoying it now.

Hannah | 41 comments I enjoyed this one a lot! I think Meyer writes alien sci-di much better than vampire fantasy.

Hannah | 41 comments *sci-fi

StarMan (thestarman) | 1883 comments Glad you liked it, Hannah!

Ev, are you going to marry this book?

Pien | 543 comments Our library has it! So I’m in. Love a brain or two...

Pien | 543 comments Oh... its souls they’re snatching... :-D

message 7: by Ev, Crazy Book Lady (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ev | 197 comments Mod
Lol yes I will be commenting as I read as well.

message 8: by StarMan (last edited Jun 07, 2018 12:41AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

StarMan (thestarman) | 1883 comments Publisher's Weekly said:

"In this tantalizing SF thriller [THE HOST], planet-hopping parasites are inserting their silvery centipede selves into human brains, curing cancer, eliminating war[,] and turning Earth into paradise..."

The aliens sure solved a lot of Earth's problems. But was it worth it?

Melanie / The Host

Would YOU like your own personal alien brain parasite? If so, you can live in paradise! No more worries about money, war, or illness.

Well, dear Snail, read THE HOST and decide for yourself!

Here's the rest of the synopsis:

(view spoiler)

message 9: by StarMan (last edited Jun 07, 2018 12:40AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

StarMan (thestarman) | 1883 comments If you're on the fence about reading THE HOST...

below is a link to a trailer of the movie version, to give you an idea of what it's about. In my opinion, the film was mostly faithful to the book, though both more compressed and more dramatized... and shinier.

Don't watch if you don't want ANY spoilers whatsoever...

Movie Trailer:

message 10: by Ev, Crazy Book Lady (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ev | 197 comments Mod
The underground bathing rooms are kind of cool...if it wasn’t so hot and dark, one could sit in the ground tub for hours and read! :)

April (bamaforever) | 1 comments I loved this book! There were so many things about it that I liked, but one that stands out is the romance. I thought that this book had one of the most unique love triangles I've ever read. What did you guys think about that aspect?

message 12: by Ev, Crazy Book Lady (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ev | 197 comments Mod
I am enjoying the romance angle as well. It gives the characters more humanity in the face of species extinction.

StarMan (thestarman) | 1883 comments If you've finished THE HOST...

► What did you think of the ending?

► What was the best part? Did anything need improvement?

► Would you recommend THE HOST to a friend?

message 14: by Pien (new) - rated it 3 stars

Pien | 543 comments Ive read one fourth now and really liking this one!

StarMan (thestarman) | 1883 comments Pien wrote: "Ive read one fourth now and really liking this one!"

Glad you are enjoying it. No spoilers from me!

message 16: by Ev, Crazy Book Lady (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ev | 197 comments Mod
Still reading it but would definitely recommend it to everyone. I hope she writes more about the different planets the souls occupy like the See Weeds and the bat planet and the spider colony. :)

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