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message 1: by Lola (new)

Lola (lolasreviews) | 36 comments Hello, I am a goodreads librarian and one of the author I know (I am in her street team) asked me to combine two editions of her work. So I did that, no problem and then I noticed something strange, her Holloway Pack series seems to be in the system tiwce.
This is the right series:
And here's a second one, which as far as I know shouldn't exist:
The second one only includes one book of the whole series, which is also included in the first, so the second series serves no purpose. What can I/ should I do in this situation? Or is there anyone who can fix this?

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 24767 comments Lola, I've deleted the 2nd series for you.

FYI so you can do it next time: click on the series that needs to be deleted, click on the edit button, at the bottom you will see a link that says delete, click on it, and done.

Be very careful to only do this when you are sure as once its gone, its gone.

message 3: by Lola (new)

Lola (lolasreviews) | 36 comments Thanks for deleting the series! And thanks for explaining how to delete a series for when I might need it next time :).

And indeed makes sense to be 100% sure a series need to be deleted.

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