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Ember in the ashes

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Cameron Ember in the Ashes
Cameron Sparman
Ember in the Ashes is about the conflict between two groups. The Scholars are an oppressed people who get abused by the martials who hold all the power. The book switches point of view between the two main characters, a poor Scholar girl Laia, whose family get slaughtered by the masks. The masks are elite warriors who wear unbreakable masks which bind to their face and they go around as brutal officers. They are trained at Blackrock, a warrior school for the chosen martials. So Laia goes searching for the scholar resistance, who send her as a spy to Blackrock. The second character is Elias who is the son of the commandment but has a peaceful heart and doesn’t want to hurt anyone despite being a prodigy of Blackrock. Elias is plotting an escape when he and Laia cross paths and they kindle a friendship to both escape Blackrock.
I was looking for a book series to get invested in when I found this book, I’m glad I did. I could relate a lot with the characters in this book, especially Elias. I enjoy reading books with multiple point of views, so I can see the whole story in detail and know facts and thought processes from the other characters. Ember in the ashes is a lengthy book along with the others in its series. I personally like that because I tend to fly through books due to my excess of free time and being a passenger in a car. It pays attention to the details and individual characters very well. There is 3 in the Ember in the Ashes series currently but the fourth is coming on June 12th which is in like two weeks. The author also chose to include some comical parts which make the book that more enjoyable to read. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone that can really get into action and adventure books.

Andrew It's Blackcliff, not Blackrock. But I do agree with all of that.

Andrew It's Blackcliff, not Blackrock. But I do agree with all of that.

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