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wonderfullyweird88 | 5 comments I'm looking for recommendations for books/series featuring faeries along the lines of Karen Marie Moning. Any help would be appreciated

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Amber Wooddell | 15 comments Laurel K Hamilton has a series about fairie, it is the Meredith Gentry series. I have 4 or 5 of them at home and i can get back with you on the titles if you'd like? I know one of the titles is A Caress of Twilight.

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Larissa (rissareadsromance) | 50 comments I really like the series by Amelia Hutchins. The first book is currently free on Amazon as of today. Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1) by Amelia Hutchins

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Peyton | 9 comments Zoe Parker's Facets of Faerie series is very similar on feeling. I loved Elusion (Facets of Feyrie, #1) by Zoe Parker and Ascension (Facets of Feyrie, #2) by Zoe Parker and am dying for Deception (Facets of Feyrie, #3) by Zoe Parker to come out later this month.

wonderfullyweird88 | 5 comments Thanks for the recommendations I haven't read any of them. Definitely going to give them a shot

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