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Adventures In Princess Aurolla's Castle (Princess Aurolla #1)
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Sarah Jane | 2 comments Hello:

I am writing the second book to this series and would like for people to read it and comment on it before I publish it. In order to understand it properly you should read this book. Therefore I am offering a free copy of it in whatever format you require. I would like for you to write a honest review of this book or message me if you have any comments on it. The second book should be ready in about a month.

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Bookish_Maggie | 18 comments Can u post a little about ur book and also can u provide a print version?

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Sarah Jane | 2 comments Mahashree wrote: "Can u post a little about ur book and also can u provide a print version?"

I am not in the position to provide print copies of the books at this time but I will post my synopsis of book one for you which includes an excerpt.

Thelwyn comes to the castle to work for Princess Aurolla. Since she is a young girl with a very special talent, namely she can turn herself into a wolf, she becomes the bodyguard and spymaster of the beautiful young Princess. She finds herself some allies along the way. One in particular is a Pixie named Gwendaleir; she also befriends a Sorceress and a Swordswoman. She finds herself being kidnapped, not once but twice, and although she could prevent it from happening she chooses to go along with it to obtain information. She is disguised by a spell and tries to root out the conspirators that threaten Princess Aurolla while finding out more about her new job and the people she is working with. Finally, she is instrumental in foiling an assassination attempt against her young employer.

There were a number of armoured men breaking down the door to the rooms. The four usual guards were lying on the floor, dead, and some of the attacking men were there with them. She fled back up the corridor in confusion as Thelwyn rushed past her towards the entrance to the Princess's rooms. Thelwyn let out a howl of rage as she took in what was happening as she rushed towards the doorway. She was shocked by the number of men who were attacking the Princess but didn't think that the woman she'd been following had been involved because of her actions in fleeing. The woman had seemed totally surprised about what was happening. "Go warn Hargold about what is happening here" she commanded Gwendaleir and the Pixie shot off down the corridor to find him.
Seven of the ten attackers had burst into the inner chamber where the young bodyguard was busy trying to hold them back; the Princess, her maids and Annilee had retreated to the Princess's bedroom for safety when the commotion started. The bodyguard managed to down one of the men while another of them killed him. There were now six men that were approaching the bedroom door. Since they were armoured, which impeded their sight and hearing, and weren't expecting anyone to respond quickly to the commotion they were causing, the men didn't notice as Thelwyn attacked from behind. She jumped upon the trailing man's back and plunged her special daggers down into the join at the neck. These knives were thick square blades with sharp points, designed for penetrating armour and worked very effectively against the weaker areas of any armour. The man gurgled and died as she quickly attacked the next man. He went down as easily as the first one did and now the other four men were at the door with two of them shouldering it, trying to burst it open.
She reached and killed her third man just as they forced the broken door open. She knew that she was running out of time but she forced herself to remain objective and do what she had been trained to do. The men were very confident of obtaining their objective now. They were an armoured force against two maids, a girl and a Princess; how could they not succeed. The leader strode confidently forward towards where Dezadillia was protecting the Princess with her body against a corner in the far wall. Bettinka moved forward to intercept the men with a sword in her hands. Annilee had moved up behind her. Thelwyn caught all of this in a quick glance as she killed the third man left.
The leader sneered at the skinny maid in front of him, trying to keep him from his goal and said menacingly "You're going to die, woman. Nothing is going to stop me from killing your Princess. You might as well lay down the blade. I promise to kill all of you quickly even though you don't deserve it." He drew out his long knife in his left hand so that he had even more of an advantage against Bettinka. He'd paused a bit in his move forward to speak and Thelwyn killed the second last man. She knew that the leader was too far away from her to reach him before he killed Bettinka and felt a moment of despair. The leader engaged the maid, quickly beat her blade aside and started to thrust his sword forward to kill her. None of the women in the room had noticed Thelwyn's entrance or her killing of the men because they were all intent on the leader. The man smiled as he began to move forward. Thelwyn howled with rage and despair; she knew that she would be able to save the Princess but not be in time to save the brave first maid.

If you would like to see further adventures of Thelwyn and Princess Aurolla, please buy and rate this book.
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