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first book I ever read more than once

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Papacito Dilts This was the first book I loved so much I read it more than once. I was in the fourth grade and loved it.

Wendy I, too, love this book--so much so that I paid an astronomical amount of money for an out-of-print copy. As a little girl, I loved Minikin and Madame Snickasnee. I can't even number the times I checked it out from the library. I hope that my children will also love Little Witch and her potions!

message 3: by Fran (new)

Fran Mercadal This was my all time favorite childrens book. I was 10 years old when I grabbed it from the library and I must have read it over and over again about 10 times at first. I'm not quite sure why I keep remembering this book as I have aged over the years. Maybe it's because I felt so bad for Minx and the way she had to live, hoping she would find hope and happiness at the end. A truly magical story that makes me feel good every time I think about it. I'm 51 years old now and this story just popped into my head again today. I'm so thrilled to read the blogs from others about this book. Thank you all for making my day today.

Lisa Glad to hear that this book affected others just as it did me. I have read it countless times and checked it out from the school library and the "bookmobile" so many times! I have also acquired an out-of-print copy at a hefty price. My favorite book of all time; you never forget your first love.

message 5: by Dianne (new)

Dianne I loved this book so much as a child that I tried to buy it from our library. (Our community had no bookstore.) Of course, the librarian explained that the library didn't sell books. But I loved the book so much that I came up with a way to get the book. I realized that if I said I had lost the book, I was required to pay for it (and allowed to keep it) by the same library that wouldn't sell me the book.
I didn't go through with the plan for two reasons. I didn't have enough money. I couldn't bring myself to lie about losing a book.
Now I see that claims that the 60th anniversary edition will be out soon. They say it will be released this August. We'll see.

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