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David Patneaude | 16 comments Fast Backward, my tenth novel for teen and middle grade readers, hit the shelves (real and virtual) on June 1. It contains elements of World War II alternative history, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic survival, suspense, family dynamics. friendship, and romance. Here's one of many strong reviews: “Fast Backward is not only a page-turning, heart-stopping glimpse into an alternate outcome to WWII, it is a thought-provoking take on choices being made in contemporary times. Cocoa is an unforgettable character, fighting hard against the current of history.”—Kirby Larson, author of
Audacity Jones to the Rescue
Audacity Jones Steals the Show (2018 Edgar Award Nominee)
Dash (Scott O’Dell Historical Fiction Award), Duke
Hattie Ever After, Hattie Big Sky (Newbery Honor)
The Fences Between Us
The Friendship Doll

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David Patneaude | 16 comments Another five-star Amazon review for FAST BACKWARD, this one by book blogger extraordinaire Miranda Reads!

Customer Review
Miranda Reads
5.0 out of 5 stars. An absolutely riveting read! Hats off to the author!
January 11, 2019
Format: Paperback
Bobby Hastings is about to experience one heck of an adventure.

Things are normal (for the most part) in his neck of the woods. His folks are normal, his uncle is normal - life is stretching out to be one stroll through normalville.

The only thing remotely interesting is that he's the paperboy for the local "secret" government lab and while he's never privy to their agenda, he keeps his ears pricked for information.

Well...that was until there was an atomic bomb explosion and the naked girl shows up in front of him - claiming that she's from the future.

And what a terrible future that is. Hitler won and the world was remade in his honor.

Bobby knows he's never going to think his life is normal again.

The future girl (Cocoa) spent her life studying "history" (Bobby's future) and remembers most of the key, terrible events that devastated their world - but there's gaps in her memory and with a wild story like hers, how will they get anyone to believe them?

I really liked this one! I'm usually not a fan of war stories but when I saw it had a history rewrite/time travel twist to it - I knew I had to read it.

I really appreciated that (for once!) we have a YA with two stable, loving parents and extended family members. I loved all the animals included - especially Lolly and Big Muddy! Animals always make a book shine.

I was rather satisfied with the plot - for once everything is wonderfully logical.

Overall - great characters, intriguing plot, well-done dialogue and above all - a fun read.

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