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Dawn's Uncertain Light  (Darkest and Dawn #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Dystopian fiction where humans are bred as "stock" to be eaten for meat. [s]

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Celia | 2 comments I read a dystopian fiction book around 1997-8 that was about where humans are bred to be eaten for meat. (view spoiler). The main protagonist feels there is something wrong and refuses to eat any "meat".

There is a scene in the book with pregnant "stock" in pens and humans are staring at them and talking about them like they are cows. There is also a scene where human "stock" are being transported on a ship. (view spoiler)

This sounds a lot like the Joseph D'Lacey book "Meat" but it's definitely not the book I'm thinking of. For some reason I feel like the book was called something like "This Day the Dawn" or something like that,

If anyone knows this book that would be awesome - I'd really like to re-read it.
Thank you

Celia | 2 comments Yes! Thank you so much that’s the book! I have been trying to find the name for ages. Also excited to see that there is another book that comes before Dawn’s Uncertain Light.

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