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Discussion for Ready Player One starts here! You can find the discussion questions below in the spoilers!

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Okay y'all

1. The OASIS becomes a part of daily life for users around the globe. What virtual realms (Google, Facebook, iCloud) do you depend on? What is at stake in the war against IOI, the internet service provider that wants to overturn Halliday’s affordable, open-source approach? Is it dangerous to mix profit and dependence on technology?

R: I think this book is SO relevant and necessary for our generations and the ones to come to understand what technology is, does and what it is capable of. It was kind of eye opening to put it in perspective of what have now a days and how GLUED IN we are. Technology is the now and the future, but i think there is a separation that we as humans need to understand and use.

2. Explore the question of identity raised in the novel. What do the characters’ avatars tell us about their desires and their insecurities? In reality, does our physical appearance give false clues about who we really are? How does Parzival, transformed into a celebrity gunter, become Wade’s true self?

R: I loved this aspect of the book. I felt like there were so many things and easter eggs that this book produced that a lot of us skipped over while reading because we were so involved and HELLO that was totally the point. I think identity was really important in this because they live behind these avatars. But did that matter? I am not so sure. Because it seemed like the heart of the person behind it really is what mattered. Unfortunately that is not always the case, but I think it is something society can learn.

4. How does love affect Wade’s rational mind? Would you have given Art3mis the tip about playing on the left side to defeat the lich (page 99, chapter ten)? Did you predict that she would turn out to be a friend or a foe?

R: So, this was the only thing I wasn't so into during the book. I felt like it was just a little overdone and I am not really into that sorta stuff. I definitely knew she was going to be a friend in the end. She seemed genuine as a character, I just wasnt into the way Wade acted.

9. Discuss Bryce Lynch’s financial situation, rigged so that Wade could infiltrate IOI. When does Wade become willing to “die trying”? How did you react to the image of debtors being forced into indentured servitude?

R: I liked this heroic aspect of Wade and realizing that he wasnt doing it for Atr3mis, he wasting it so IOI didnt take over. I was nervous it was going to be like too much of a win Art3mis back sort of plat and was happy it didnt turn out that way.

11. Despite their introverted nature, the book’s characters thrive on friendship. Discuss the level of trust enjoyed by Halliday and Og, and among Wade, Aech, Art3mis, Daito, and Shoto. How is true power achieved in Ready Player One?

R: I thought true power was in the power of friendship and humanity which was so interesting because this was a VR game. Even though they were in the oasis, the relationships between the characters, was stronger and proved to be strong outside of the game as well.

12. In the closing scenes, Halliday’s reward proves to be greater than mere wealth. What is Halliday’s ultimate prize? How did the rules of Halliday’s game help him determine the type of player who would likely win?

R: I loved the last door and we obviously knew Wade won in the end since it states that at the beginning. Halliday was a smart man and he valued true relationships and real people who are there for the good. I don't think IOI would ever be able to win in that way because they lacked humanity and that was what H needed and wanted in the end.

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