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Easy Virtue (Virtue, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Arranged marriage, woman has to give man an heir and then leave marriage and baby, woman tricked into marriage. [s]

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Emily Jane | 4 comments I read this book this year and I think I read it on kindle unlimited. It had a woman who was forced into an arranged marriage with a man due to her bloodline. She didn’t know the whole contract because someone else (I want to say a step mom?) kept it from her. The contract said she had to have a baby with the man and then leave the marriage and baby behind. I believe she was also going to get paid but she didn’t know that. The man didn’t like the woman because he thought she knew the whole contract so he was really rough with her their marriage night. I believe she was a virgin and very naive. Also he was either rich or royalty.

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Emily Jane | 4 comments Yes virtue & vanity! Thank you

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