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message 1: by ValHallaGirl (new)

ValHallaGirl | 18 comments I'm looking for anything where the heroine had multiple men trying to win her over. Some may be trying to hurt her or use her ect.. I dont want her to sleep with all of them all the time like harems.
I love non human or mortal heros but human heros can have their appeal too!

message 2: by ☽ Rhiannon ✭ (last edited Jun 04, 2018 04:33AM) (new)

☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ (pnr_list) | 133 comments Love triangles are a no-go for me, so the only one I really know of is Karen Chance's Cassie Palmer has multiple romantic ties. If you haven't already read it, the first book is Touch the Dark.

★Me Myshelf and I★ | 59 comments ok I haven't read this one so I'm not sure if its any good but it fits your bill I think

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