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Daniel Pike (pikeknight) | 18 comments Mod
Authors, use this thread to reach out to readers and explain the premise of your story. Where is it available and why should we read it?

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J.A. Coppinger | 1 comments "The Screaming God" - JA Coppinger

The Godslayer does one thing and he does it well. When some damn fool stands up and declares himself a god, Slayer shoves a few feet of sharpened steel through him to see if the godling can miracle himself back to health.

Not one has risen to the challenge.

Godslayer, is the latest and –-by his own lights-- greatest in a line of heroes that kill anyone foolish enough to proclaim themselves a god. Catrina, is the Lady Ambassador Godslayer must take along on his next mission as both guide and . . . well, baby-sitter! Godslayer is not pleased but he figures to lose the wench somewhere along the way. The mission is simple: cross the ocean, find the god, discover how he’s growing blockbuster crops in the middle of a drought before killing him, and return said secret to their employers. What could possibly go wrong?


I've been writing for 20+ years but this is my first published novel. It's a mix of humor, fantasy, action and romance. Hope you all enjoy! - JAC

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Aden (9thDraftpublications) | 1 comments Sister Earth by Robby A. Lyon

Hi Everyone,
This is my synopsis:

Having escaped their ravaged country and built a new life twenty years after WWIII, two English families find themselves eeking out an existence in a beautiful Colombian city. Wandering new lands and strange worlds, they must confront a past they didn't know they had in order to discover their future. In this strange new life nothing is as it was and going back is not an option, what will become of them and at what cost?

This is (sort of) a coming-of-age story. It is a commentary on history written by the victor that shines a light on the possibilities of anything when the point-of-view of the individual comes into play. The heroes of the story have grown up in a life that wasn't meant for them, yet they have no idea that what was meant for them will change their circumstances forever when they confront what is really happening on Earth, who is behind it and what, if anything, they can do about it. They journey to other worlds in which they realize that both are worth fighting for, but what must they do? How can they do anything? They are just your average Colombians with English parents - or are they?

This is my eleventh novel, but the first I have published. I love writing, but I do not write conventionally - I'm dyslexic and write with a poetic license. I consider the genre of this book to be Literary Fantasy, but it fits into urban fantasy, urban adventure, fantasy, sci-fi and adventure. There's even a hint of romance.
It's the first of a trilogy. The second book is mapped out and in the mill. I really hope people enjoy the story. Chapter five I'm told, is where the story really takes off, and doesn't stop until the end.
Love to hear reader's thoughts.

message 4: by Bryen (last edited Aug 01, 2014 07:36PM) (new)

Bryen O'Riley (BryenORiley) | 2 comments The Chronicles of Quat is a trilogy that records the ancient and universal struggle between those who believe in Science and those who believe in the Unseen World. The highest achievement of a Scientist is to become a Quatist -- someone who can change the rules of Science with their mind. The antithesis of Quatists are the Fae -- those who, by using an Unseen, non-quantifiable power, are able to change themselves. The brothers, Tad and Etan, are thrust down different paths. Etan studies Quat Theory while happenstance sends Tad into the realm of the old faith. Or is it happenstance? Although the Quatists don't believe in prophecies, one makes them shudder -- A resurgence of the old faith that would call the Quatists' very existence into question.

The trilogy begins with The Stone where Tad is sent on a mysterious quest by his secretive mother to find the Stone. He has no idea what it is or who to trust. He soon learns that men of untold power, the Quatists, want to destroy the Stone before it can take back its control over the world and that one of the most powerful Quatists that has ever lived, his father, is seeking to destroy him. Tad meets impossible characters who destroy the fabric of the Science he had always been taught as he finds himself caught up in the revolt against Quatist rule.

The Chronicles of Quat: The Stone is available both in print and ebook formats from Amazon or Barnes & Noble online.

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