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message 1: by Xian Xian (new)

Xian Xian (xianxian) so I decided to look back at Wattpad, a community for writers to share their work. I haven't uploaded anything on it yet, but I looked at most of the stuff on there and I found that most of the stuff on there doesn't appeal to me. Except for a few sci-fi and very few magical realism or literary types like this Japanese guy who goes by the name Takatsu, I think that's his name. so I don't feel too comfortable with uploading writing on there. Anyone Here use it? If so, if you share similar taste with me, which you can see on my Wattpad profile bio, maybe we can be friends on Wattpad?

message 2: by Xian Xian (new)

Xian Xian (xianxian) yay, I will add you later or tomorrow.

message 3: by Xian Xian (new)

Xian Xian (xianxian) How did this end up in the Bookish Lists section and how do I move it?

message 4: by Joel (new)

Joel Dennstedt (joeldennstedtymailcom) Hi Lixian,
I just began using Wattpad too. After checking it out based on advice from my favorite Indie writer, Chantelle Atkins, I found I liked the site. It appears to be mostly visited by Young Adult readers, but I found that it could provide a viable introduction for my Science Fiction Novel, Guanjo. So I am kind of experimenting with it now. Since you posted your initial inquiry about a year ago, I would be interested in what you think now.

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