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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason  | 1 comments Hello everyone,

I am Jason. I have been a book hoarder since childhood. Later on, however, life got in the way; I got a job as software consultant so could not find time to read as much as I wanted. As providence would have it, I recently lost my job. So, while I am looking for a second job, I have decided to use my free time in reading and reviewing coming-of-age books: fiction and non-fiction. I don't discriminate between genres. If you want to get your book reviewed by me, then please fill in the form below to contact me with your book details. I don't judge a book by its cover or genre but I definitely judge a book by its synopsis; so, if your synopsis does not impress me, I will politely decline to review your book.

If the link does not work for you, try this instead:

I don't have a blog yet so I will post my reviews only on Amazon and Goodreads for now. I am accepting review copies in digital and print formats. My current ETA for reading a book of up to 400 pages is 2 weeks.

Please don't post questions or review requests here as I won’t be checking this thread too often; rather, use the form above for any and all kinds of queries. Thank you.

Jason Shaw

P.S. I am also open to beta reading jobs, but again I will be very selective about it.

message 2: by Harvey (new)

Harvey Click | 31 comments Thanks for the offer, Jason. I filled out your form.

message 3: by P.S. (new)

P.S. Winn (goodreadscompswinn) | 14 comments Hi,
I have 52 books you can look at and inside for a sneak peek.
P.S. Winn

message 4: by Ricardo (new)

Ricardo Gonçalves I sent through a form ;)

message 5: by Brinn (new)

Brinn Colenda | 10 comments Jason, I sent the form as well...thank you. Brinn

message 6: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Vucak | 15 comments I appreciate your willingness to review books, and I hope you will review mine.

message 7: by Leo (new)

Leo . I hope I hear from you Jason. Kind regards. Leo.

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