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Here you go, have a good time and ask any questions needed!

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Adeline | 10 comments TABLE OF CONTENTS
Owen Lance-17-Male-complete
Daniel Atlas-19-Male-complete

Rosaline Kendricks-16-Female-complete
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Hamlet-17-Female-complete
Alyss Matherson-16 1/2-Female-complete
Aliya Kendricks-19-Female-Complete


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Adeline | 10 comments Full Name: Rosaline Kendricks
Personality: bright, cheery, helpful, caring, kind
Gender: Female
Age: 16
History: was born on a cold night in December, during a blizzard. Her dad is a werewolf lord, so she has a large inheritance. When her parents saw that she had wings, they realized she was a gift.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Likes: the cold, winter, flying
Dislikes: summer and spring
Strong Point:
Weak Point: whenever she finds love, that person is used against her
Powers/Abilities: Heals faster than others. Has telepathy and telekinesis. If she tries hard enough, she can control water/ice.
Species: Werewolf

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Adeline | 10 comments Full Name: Gwendolyn "Gwen" Hamlet
Personality: likes peace and quiet
Gender: Female
Age: 17
History: lives alone in the woods. Has never known her mother or father.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Dislikes: white chocolate
Strong Point:
Weak Point: love
Powers/Abilities: can control all the elements and manipulate a person at will
Species: Werewolf/Demon

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Adeline | 10 comments Full Name: Owen Lance
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Species: Human

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Adeline | 10 comments Full Name: Danial Atlas
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
cropped brown hair and forest green eyes.
History: His father left his mother when Daniel was three. His mother remarried when he turned five and his stepfather brought with him his two year old daughter, Maria. Daniel began taking an interest in crime solving and has become a street detective for some pretty good money.
Species: Human

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Adeline | 10 comments First name: Alyss
Surname: Matherson
Nickname: none
Date of Birth: September 13th
Species: Part Moon Elf Part Elemental Elf
Powers and Abilities: Can control all elements (Light, Darkness, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Metal)

Gender: Female
Sexuality: straight
Age: 16 1/2
Height: 5'6
Eye colour: winter/ice blue
Glasses or contacts: n/a

Hearing Aids: n/a
Skin tone: Pale/White
Emblem:: dragon-shaped tattoo on her shoulder (means she has a great destiny)
Hair colour: Wavy lilac-y purple
Hair Length: down to her waist
Hairstyle: leaves it down in “waves”

Voice: light British accent
Sense of fashion: jeans, leather jackets, combat boots, anything that screams “rebel”
Favorite outfit: black leather jacket, black combat boots, black and white t-shirt, and cross necklace.
Accessories: silver cross necklace, bracelet with gold wolf charm.
Personality type: (MBTI) ENTP (The Visionary)
Good personality traits: tends to be more caring, kind, and doesn’t hover unless someone absolutely wanted to talk about something

Bad personality traits: she can become quite possessive, is impatient, headstrong, and a little too bold for her own good
Mood: (Positive or negative) Positive
Phobias: Arachnophobia, Ophidiophobia, Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
Strength: polyglot, tightrope, trapeze, gymnastics, and any martial art.
Weakness: controlling her temper, can sometimes be very gullible, and is a little to curious for her own good
Likes: puppies, chocolate, and books, her instruments, the full moon, and her pets

Dislikes: large crowds, liars, and white chocolate
History: (Optional) Alyss grew up in Talin with the rest of the moon elf society. Her mother and father traveled a lot during her first 15 years, so she was constantly under her older brother Markus’s care. She started studying all types of instruments and now can play them all perfectly. When the moon is full, she always goes out to help it rise. Moon elves sing to the moon, which helps it come up, just as sun elves sing to the sun to help it rise. On one of her mother and father’s trips a creature killed them. Markus has been Alyss’s guardian and will do anything to protect her. Alyss left Markus to pursue her career in music and art. She has been going to schools to learn more. Uses her use of the elements to help her through her journey across realms and lands.
Hometown: Talin
Education: From age 3-11 Karldron school for young elves -martial arts, reading moon elf, speaking moon elf
Education: From age 12-16 Ytrilon University -martial arts, instruments, astronomy
Education: 17+ Jansel College for two and a half years, instruments, how to travel between realms and to different lands

Qualifications: musician, artist, and singer
Current location: N/A
Occupation: Musician
Father- Andrew--Deceased
Mother- Rachael--Deceased
Older Brother- Markus
Favourite Colour: Rose-gold
Favourite Music: Varies, but tends to like everything except rap and country

Favourite Food: Pancakes
Favourite Literature: fantasy
Usual mode of transportation: Unicorn or Griffin
Awards: multiple trophies and plaques (her music career)
Skills: martial arts, tuning anything in less than a minute, has perfect pitch
Experience: she travels a lot and knows a great deal about all the different realms and lands.

Pets: Unicorn (Atlas), a Griffin (Lysander), a tiny sea serpent (Vee), a phoenix (Arizona)
Symbol: A full moon surrounded by flames
Relationship Status: Single
Weapon: bow and arrow/crossbow, daggers

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Adeline | 10 comments Name: Aliya Kendrick
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
D.O.B: March 30th, 2078
Occupation: Spy for Resistance
History: Aliya grew up in a small home in the working class. Her father and mother were never home, and her brother Jonathon always was off with his friends doing whatever teenage boys did. Turned out, he was one of the Commanders for the Resistance, which is how Aliya ended up joining. She has been training since she was six.
Appearance: Long black hair and olive green eyes. Usually wears black clothing.
Personality: Aliya is a very quiet person at first glance, which helps when it comes to divulging information out of higher-ups in Tyrant Anderson's Court of Order. She can be very seductive, as it helps at times, and she generally is a kind person that just wants to do the right thing.

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