Swann's Way Swann's Way question

Which translation should I read?
Paolo Paolo Jul 30, 2014 07:30PM
There seems to be a few different translations of this book out there.

Can anyone comment on what the best edition/translation of the book is?


Lee (last edited Nov 17, 2014 06:54AM ) Nov 17, 2014 06:53AM   0 votes
A.N. Wilson reviews Chasing Lost Time: The Life of C. K. Scott Moncrieff: Soldier, Spy, and Translator in the October 31, 2014 issue of TLS. Proust was "beguiled" by the English translation of Swann's Way although be felt the English title was too ambiguous and could mean "a la maniere de Swann." I too prefer Scott Moncrieff over Lydia Davis and the old fashioned British English over the more modern translation.

Thanks Kirk! I'm reading on a kindle and there's a Moncrieff trans. for free so I might get that :))

As for the different translations, the comments left about the novel on this site give good information. I personally prefer the Moncrieff translation over Lydia Davis'. Davis is a more straight forward translation, but Moncrieff uses better prose and is more poetical in form. I recommend Moncrieff myself; but I guess it all depends on preference.

If you buy a new book you'll probably get the Lydia Davis.

I read the older translation by Moncreif myself.

Unless someone has sampled from both an opinion on which is better would be presumptuous.

Since Davis has translated only Swann's Way, if you continue on with the series you'll likely be reading the Moncrief edition.

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