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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments bonjour! comme ca va?
{that is basically all I have learned in my two years of taking French in high school}

I love the idea!! which character would you prefer to be? i'm fine with either

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Bien! Merci
{lol oh you're too kind (; }

Tumblr is basically life. I need to somehow remember my password so I can actually use it again haha.
ugh how dare you
Would it be okay if I was the girl? I always feel bad asking that haha. But if you honestly prefer being the girl I have no trouble being the guy!
I'm bad at making clear decisions

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Okay great! it's a tough life

I think I'm all good :p

Simple works for me! Detailed characters are great and all until you have to go through the trouble of making them haha. And I never stick to the original personality I wrote anyway XD I'll keep mine simple as well!

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I'm starting her now!

Exactly! My characters almost always end up completely different from their original personality.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments

Name: Annie Mae Mitchell

Age: 18

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Face Claim: Emilie Voe Nereng
Tatoo(s): (view spoiler)

History: You wouldn't guess it just from one glance at Annie's family, but there are a lot of problem. The death of Annie's father when Annie was still young, ruined her mother. Her mother kept an extremely tight leash on her two children, Annie and her older brother, Jackson. Like most teens, aside from Jackson who was the perfect child, Annie went through a slightly rebellious stage. It didn't seem like anything too extreme at the time, it was mostly just dating guys her mother wouldn't approve of. Then there was one guy Annie started dating, who she thought of as more than just someone to help prove a point, Andrew. Everything was great. Andrew took Annie to cool places, introduced her to cool people, inspired her to get two tattoos of her own. Annie thought she had fallen in love with the loud, tatted up, pothead. She was so wrong. Andrew soon turned abusive, mentally and physically, occasionally sexually. He ruined Annie's self- confidence, made her feel like she was nothing.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Tell me if I need to change anything!

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Thank you! And ohmergawd he's so perfect *o*

message 8: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments You're very welcome! {my dumbbutt of a French teacher never taught us you're welcome lol}

How should we start this off? :p

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Merci beaucoup! I appreciate it haha.

Maybe we could each do one post of them in their normal lives, get a feel for them, and then go to the movie theater scene?

My phone is about to die so if I disappear that's why :/

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Who should start? I can quickly type something up if you'd like :P

message 11: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments okie great! and where is this taking place?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments okie!! Working on my post now

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments A day in the life of Annie, isn't a very interesting day.

She lives in a tiny ass apartment right outside of New York City. It's close enough to hear noise throughout the whole night and it's far enough so you aren't really walking distance to anything cool. It's a crappy location, really. But, if you're on the balcony outside of Annie's room, and you squint really hard, you can see the Empire State Building. That's the only perk of the apartment Annie can think of. Even on that note, it's better than living at home. Jackson still put up with their mother. Annie didn't know how he did it. It was a commendable effort, really.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays Annie attends college classes at NYU from 9 am until about 3 pm. Her lunch is from 12:30 to 1:15, and she eats in the same little cafe every day, always getting a salad of some kind. What does Annie do every other day of the week, you might ask? She does anything she can to get out of her apartment. That doesn't mean doing fun things, though. Usually that means you can find Annie in a library, doing assignments, while drinking a tall vanilla bean frappachino, two pumps raspberry, from Starbucks.

Annie is also employed at Forever 21 in Times Square. She isn't one of the regular employees, though. Annie is the person her manager calls last minute when someone else cancels. That means Annie gets the shifts that nobody else wants. It infuriates Annie to no end but she needs money for rent and other essential things. And that also means she gets free clothes from Forever 21, which isn't an awful deal considering how much Annie likes to shop.

Saturdays Annie might go out with some friends. She doesn't engage in anything such as underage drinking anymore. Her risky days ended once she got her high school diploma. Her education wasn't worth the risk of doing something stupid while under the influence. She was always the boring one who volunteered as designated driver, willing to drive people home in her red genesis coupe. Sundays, Annie watches her next door neighbor's dog while the elderly lady goes to church. The dog has separation anxiety and can't be left alone for more than a few minutes. It was tedious but Annie got paid. In the end, it was worth it.

It's a good life. A boring life. But a good Okay life.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Yeah that's completely fine! I'm my next post I'll switch to first.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments [ahhh that was so pretty! Shall I skip to our movie theater scene now?]

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments

I can't say I really like action movies. I'm more of a romantic comedy kind of person. But when my best friend insisted that we see the newest action film, I couldn't exactly turn her down. And apparently it had good reviews. So who knows, maybe I would enjoy it. Mackenzie, my best friend, seemed to think so anyway. I'm pretty sure she only said that so I would go, though. She even offered to buy the tickets. If she's willing to go to that much trouble, then fine. I can sit through a few hours of what I assume will be a boring movie I can't relate to. The things I do for my best friend, let me tell you.

Mackenzie insisted that we get to the movie theater early, so we can get good seats next to each other. It was only the second week this movie had been released, and it was still attracting loads and loads of crowds, according to Mackenzie, that is. So here we are, fifteen minutes before the movie is scheduled to start. I will give her this, the theater was fairly packed. So I guess it was a good thing we got here early. The only thing that would make this movie bearable is Mackenzie's funny little sidebar notes. The girl can't keep quiet. Which is either one of two things: funny or annoying. I'm hoping for funny, this time around.

As Mackenzie explained to me how the butter on the popcorn tasted so artificial, I looked around the theater. There weren't many familiar faces, which doesn't surprise me. This is the biggest city in America. It isn't some small town where you recognize a face everywhere you go. In front of us there was a family a four, with two teenage daughters that were probably a few years younger than me. To Mackenzie's left there was a group of friends, three boys and two girls who were probably in their kid twenties. And then to my right, was a guy that looked to be a little older than Mackenzie and me.

It was as I finished checking out the crowd, the lights in the theater started to dim. The usual movie previews would come up, and Mackenzie would whisper to me about the movies she thought were worth seeing. We got a loud "shush" from someone behind us. Mackenzie then proceeded to then around and tell the person the movie hadn't even started yet so they needed to calm down. I pulled on Mackenzie's arm, silently begging her not to start something out of nothing. She dropped the incident a few moments later. She really is trying to be on her best behavior.

Then the lights summer down all of the way, so it was dark in the theater. It was a few minutes into the movie and I was already starting to et a little lost. It seemed to be in some futuristic era and there were aliens and large green people and... Yeah, no. This isn't my kind of movie. I leaned back in my chair, almost tempted to just take a nap or something. And I almost did, too, but then I heard some angry shots from the people behind us. My first thought was that Mackenzie had done something else that was annoying. Then I looked at the screen, there was a man dressed in all black, just standing in front of the screen, blocking some of the movie.

What the hell?

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