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The Reading Bibliophile | 564 comments Mod
Please feel free to share your thoughts about The Stranger by Albert Camus by Albert Camus

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The Reading Bibliophile | 564 comments Mod
Years ago, I made a quizz about The Stranger. You can find it under Community/Quizzes (title The Stranger by Albert Camus (or The Outsider).

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Peter (petersface) | 80 comments Thanks for plugging the quiz:) I tried it before this reread and made 3 mistakes. Well, it was a long time ago I last read it, probably around high school.

This time I read it in French, and as it was the first book I read in French for at least 20 years, it took some time but it was very satisfying.

I was oftentimes funny, sometimes Monty Pythonesque, so it made me think if there are any relations between the absurd philosophy of Camus and the absurd comedy of Monty Python, apart from the name of course. I'm too tired now to properly think this through, but if anyone has an idea please feel free to share!

Also, the Camus brand of absurd is reminiscent of Buddhism in certain ways - and after a quick google search I found that there is indeed a serious amount of text covering this topic already. So I will read some of it now.

Anyone else reading The Stranger? What do you think?

The Reading Bibliophile | 564 comments Mod
Actually L'étranger is my favourite book. I read in all its versions: written, audiobook, as a graphic novel.

If you feel like investigating further, you have to read "Meursault. Contre-enquête" by Kamel Daoud (Algerian journalist).

Congrats on reading it in French!

message 5: by Peter (new) - added it

Peter (petersface) | 80 comments Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check it out! Luckily there is an English translation, I'm not sure I'm ready for another French one so soon:)

Also, would you mind telling us why is this your favorite book? I'd be really interested to know:) I like it a lot too, but for a book to be favorite, well, it's quite a solid statement!

The Reading Bibliophile | 564 comments Mod
I discovered Camus when I was 17 years-old. His philosophy, through The Myth of Sisyphus, and his fiction with The Stranger. It was a very difficult period in my life and Camus gave me hope and purpose.
There are so many themes that are addressed in this novel: what society expects from you, how you see yourself, how one can ignore his true self, how life can seem absurd, how every moment counts, how the death penalty is barbaric, etc.
Actually I'm not the only reader who is fascinated by L'étranger as it is an all-time favourite in France as well :-)

Rachel | 30 comments I'm a month behind! A couple of great looking books so I look forward to catching up, especially if the Camus is a favourite here. I have read the Plague and thought it was amazing - a must read for anyone trying to understand humanity!

The Reading Bibliophile | 564 comments Mod
I love The Plague too. Amazing book. It's part of Camus' so-called "cycle de la révolte" whereas The Stranger is part of the "cycle de l'absurde".

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