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message 1: by Ross (last edited Jun 02, 2018 03:39AM) (new)

Ross | 1444 comments throught we should have a thread where we share tips, experienced contributors offer advice to less experienced.

So share what have your learned:
what is the best title for a post.
how to deal with trolls

New people, those that have not commented:
what stops you. what would make you post or comment.

I will be monitoring this thread daily at least. fascinated to hear from the silent majority.

message 2: by Annemette (new)

Annemette Guess I am one of the silent majority, and I am fairly new to this community. I try only to talk (and comment) when I am sure about what I want to say, and if I don't feel I can express my thoughts accurately, I'll rather stay quiet. I read and speak really good English, but when it comes to writing, I am really shy and self-conscious, since I don't want to be misunderstood.

message 3: by Nathalia (new)

Nathalia (natozorrilla) | 10 comments One of the reasons I don't share an opinion is because somebody else already wrote the same idea. I really dislike reading the same coments over and over again just written in a different way. It makes the topic boring, long and because of this I stop reading the rest of the opinions. Maybe Goodreads should include an "agree" under every comment to click on to avoid repetition.

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate (katetakate) | 96 comments Ohh I was thinking the same as above, I agree! :) ;)

I appreciate this is a forum to express oneself and it is good to see conversation flowing between fellow readers. And I like how everyone is civil and supportive. So I wouldn’t discount people who want to “give their 2 cents” to share that they agree with the same person/ppl above and repeating the points. Also sometimes it is “daunting” to post your opinions to ppl you don’t know/don’t how they may react, so I guess for some people to hear their opinions are shared, it’s equally positive and validating.

Also I appreciate that it’s fine to “silently follow along” and the voice opinions when/if desired. And understandable that writing in 2nd/3rd languages that you’re not so confident in, it a big step and commendable, - btw I really appreciated your perspective above, and your English writing here is great!

An interesting topic to ponder, thanks for bringing it up and opening this conversation.

*btw apologies for not addressing you all by name, don’t mean to offend, - typing on my GR phone app so can’t see previous posts*

message 5: by Pooh (new)

Pooh | 5 comments Hello all,I'm from India and I would like to know the formalities while entering a giveaways. Any tips or points to be considered?

message 6: by Emily (new)

Emily Bourque (emilyardoin) I typically don't comment because there's always pages and pages of comments and I don't want to repeat what someone said, but I also don't want to read through 8 pages of comments.

The things I do comment on are usually recent posts (like this one!) with few comments or something that I'm really interested in, especially if there's actual dialogue going on, with responses to other people, rather than just random posting.

message 7: by Robert (new)

Robert Smart | 359 comments I like this thread Ross!
I think it got buried a bit.
I like the "agree" feature that others spoke of. Too bad there isn't one. Maybe goodreads should attempt to add one somehow. .

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