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Is this group still active?

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message 1: by Fozabog (new)

Fozabog The Elder (rachalmers) I’m seeking discussions about iBooks, but not ePub books produced on iBooks Author. Just iBooks. It seems to be difficult to locate actual iBooks

message 2: by MJ (new)

MJ | 7 comments Not sure if this is what you're asking, but I've been told (a while ago) books that are loaded on iBooks MUST be loaded using a Mac... So some authors don't have access to a Mac and don't want to buy a whole new computer, and they just skip iBook releases.

Also, there are certain selections and toggles (?, I've never seen the process myself) that need to be selected to allow the iBook to be available in certain regions. There are quite a few I've tried to track down from overseas recommendations, only to realise that they have release the iBook in Oz.

message 3: by Fozabog (new)

Fozabog The Elder (rachalmers) Yes, I’ve seen this myself. And there seems to be no way of listing only iBooks in the book store. You get all the pubs as well.

message 4: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (tkiner) | 1 comments I’m new here and using the Marvin3 app to sync with Goodreads.

message 5: by Fozabog (new)

Fozabog The Elder (rachalmers) Hi yes, the group is still active - although not very active. as you can see :-) However, I've been writing furiously, as well as updating my website a LOT, and as a result, my books that are in iBook format, I will be putting on my own Author website for Direct sales as well soon.

I'm sure the iBooks format will lend itself to being distributed that way. And of course, ePubs also work. but that's not the point I don't think.
So in short, watch this space.

Of course, if you have discovered anything of value to the group directly related to iBooks we'd love to hear about it.
I must look up the Marvin3 app you mention - I've not heard of it

message 6: by Fozabog (new)

Fozabog The Elder (rachalmers) Apple iBooks - now called Apple Books.

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